Seeking a ‘God’s-eye view’

Today I received a card from a beautiful friend I met many years ago. We reconnected recently through Facebook and I shared with her about our son’s Autism diagnosis.

She too knows the sufferings a parent can experience. To conclude her message she wrote:

“Our second daughter was born at 24 weeks gestation and spent four months in the NICU there. She was given a 60 per cent chance of survival. It was a harrowing and confronting time. In our whole time there, I was too exhausted to pray, go to church, read my Bible. Only once did I hear God speak to me and it was this:

‘Have hope and wisdom to see this situation from my perspective.'”

I sighed as I put down her card. Yes, Lord… I need hope – desperately. And I need you to fill me with wisdom to see things – all things – from your perspective. That may not mean I understand it all perfectly. That may not mean things will get ‘better’ in my human understanding of things. But I can know the ‘God’s-eye view’ is different to mine. And only you can help me see it. Only you will help me deal with the inexplicable.

Lord, I’m sorry for letting my ‘earthly’ understanding of things take precedence. Help me to rest, and listen for your voice – your explanation of things. I trust that you’ve created each person and each situation for a purpose I don’t see right now. Weave me, and my family, into your wondrous tapestry. Use our broken but beautiful story for your glory.


Credit: 'Mother and child' by William Gilmore Simms (
Credit: ‘Mother and child’ by William Gilmore Simms (


    1. Thanks christrocks! Yes, it’s hard to remember to do it sometimes – to focus on him and his perspective. But it does tend to reduce the stress of having to ‘work everything out’ on our own…
      It’s a good song isn’t it?

  1. Ali, I pray for wisdom over you. I pray God gives you the peace and calmness as you wait on Him with patience ( a quality that refuses to give up)…

    God is ALWAYS faithful!Not just
    sometimes,not just every once in
    a while,or only when He “feels”
    like it,not just when things are
    going our way but even when
    they’re not,even if we drift He
    looks out for us.He’s faithful ALL
    the time. What amazing
    L O V E!

    I hope this will encourage you Ali…..


    1. This encourages me so much Rolain – thank you for your words! So good to be reminded of his unconditional faithfulness. Thank you for praying for me and my family too – MUCH appreciated!

  2. The goodness and faithfulness of God in the past gives us the courage and strength to face tomorrow with confidence! I think that sums it all up. Sometimes hope, or the inner strength seems to be small or even non-existent, but He is faithful, never changes, and is always waiting to hear our worries, concerns, etc.

  3. It’s easy to lose sight of His perspective. We have so many distractions and expectations we’re dealing with…all vying for our time and attention.
    Ali, my heart goes out to you and your family as you sort through things, and adapt to a ‘new normal.’ xx

    1. Thank you Denise… So true. We have to push through all the distractions to find him, daily.
      I really appreciate your prayer and encouragement…

  4. Thinking of you and praying too, dear Ali. I remember times like your friend mentioned, when I was too exhausted to pray or read my bible. Too overwhelmed. So thankful for those who pray for us when we can’t, until we can see His perspective a little better again. God bless you and show you His love today!

    1. Amen to that Debbie. We all have seasons when we just don’t have enough strength… But others do, and God uses them to lift us up.
      Thank you so much for lifting me up in prayer dear sister.

  5. What a wonderful card from your friend. I think sometimes God speaks through our acquaintances so we can ‘see’ something we otherwise wouldn’t have.

  6. Hey Ali, sorry about the autism. Based on my own experience I believe God can work wonders through our suffering. (I’ve suffered a lot with my health.) I feel it changed me in a way that sermons may not have been able to and I am extremely grateful to God for that. I will pray that you’ll see hope in the midst of your suffering. Love, Jenny.

    1. Thanks so much for writing Jenny, and sharing your experience of suffering. We really are changed and moulded by our experiences aren’t we? It’s as if God knows we won’t learn to rely on him and draw close to him unless we actually experience need. He’s wise like that, as hard as it is to go through hardship.
      Thank you for praying for hope for me. I need daily doses of it – otherwise I become bitter. I guess it’s a balance of accepting our ‘reality’ and hoping for/ working towards a better future…
      May God be your comfort and guidance in all areas of your life xo

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