Found in translation

Our lives are full of stories and meaning, but translation can be where we are lost, as the movie proposes. In beginning this blog, which I hope will be a good outlet for my over-analytical, melancholic tendencies, I hope to in some way translate some of my internal speculations about ‘God stuff’ into words that make sense to me (as a bare minimum). This aim now articulated, I therefore choose to embark on the journey the procrastinator in me is fighting at every turn. High five me.

About me? I’m a 33-year-old Sydney resident who is married with two kids, both boys. My part-time job is editor of a news magazine for the gift and greeting card industry. I also know more than I would care to about smash repairs from my work proof-reading Australasian Paint & Panel. I prefer writing to unexpected conversation, because ‘back space’ is easier than the back door.

My natural tendency to think too much about absolutely everything means I need to work hard at  just ‘being’ (and I do realise the irony in that). So thanks for being one of the first to indulge in my ponderous ramblings. I look forward to getting to know you better! Yo!


  1. Hi there,

    I trust you’ll find that as you write The Holy Spirit will work in you, and reveal more than you can ever imagine.

    This morning I was greatly blessed to ponder over a few verses, and then tap out 300 words. I started with one impression, but writing enriched my understanding of a Great God.

    May the same happen to you as you share your journey.


  2. yo! wassup g? hehe, like the part about backspace vs back door, i can’t really think of things on the spot, so i know what you mean 🙂

    1. lol, g here – howya doin’ homie?! hehe, you’re a kindred spirit for sure (though I’d argue that’s just not true – you are often very funny!) 🙂 xx

  3. ‘Yo!’ What? Cuz Ali, just reminding you, I am older than you and, by the way, I’ve noticed you’ve met a few boys in the past 4 years….

    Good to have this link into your mind! Thanks for sharing it. We must be related… if I start my own blog, it may seem I’m plagiarising your self-description.

    lots of love to you.

    1. Hehe… hey Senior (senorita?) Cuz! Thanks for the reminder of your familial authority.. and despite still using ‘Yo’ to end some of my rants, I have come up in the world since that gruelling, boy-free time at Penshurst Girls High. I think having three boys in my life is pretty impressive I must say.
      Hehe, glad we can meet here, and let me know if you do start your own – it’s a bit scary but I’m glad I did it 🙂 Feel free to plagiarise – though the Yo bit is strictly MINE!
      Lots of love, and great to see you recently. Yay/Yo/Yoo. To the homies and the peeps.

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