Wounded adventurer

I’ve had an accident-prone week when it comes to my hands. They’ve borne the brunt of small scrapes while adventuring with my boys, fatigue-induced kitchen mishaps… and a collision with a car door. Add to that the wearing effect of weather changes as our Australian winter turns into spring… and my hands have seen better days.

My hand

Of course, wounds require a range of treatments, ranging from a quick dab of antiseptic cream to a full-blown cast or bandages. My wounds are small but numerous, and this morning I needed to assess which ones needed a Band-aid and which didn’t. 

“Where are the wounds?” I whispered to God this morning as I stood before the Dettol and plaster box in my bedraggled state. Then I saw it – inflamed and sore, the small cut from the kitchen knife that had been bothering me, unattended to, during the night. Why didn’t I do something about it yesterday?

Some of my emotional wounds also came to the surface in recent weeks. They were bubbling under there for some time before I realised the need to explore them. Sometimes wounds are just too painful… or (we think) not painful enough. We’re still living our life – limping along, yes – but we’re surviving, functioning… so why go there?

I’ve been through seasons of ‘gritting my teeth’ through woundedness, and seasons of hiding under blankets. I’ve pushed through hard times and cruised confidently through good. I’ve known ignorance and wisdom, foolishness and enlightenment. I’ve made poor choices, and better-informed ones. I’ve trusted in healthy people – and not-so-healthy… And I’m still here, cherishing every moment of this incredible journey. Getting what help I can, every step of the way.

God, would you reveal to me more of my wounds today? Help me to trust you to heal them, as only you can…

“…he was pierced for our transgressions,
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
    and by his wounds we are healed.”

(Isaiah 53:5)


  1. This brought out the tears for me. Must have some wounds that need His tending . ..thank you, sweet Ali, for the way you bring us to Jesus and bring Jesus to us. God bless you as He lovingly cares for you and yours today!

  2. Our hands do take a beating, considering all the work they do. And our hearts, too, sometimes. Praise God, there is always hope!

  3. Interesting…I think I pay more attention to tending to my hands than my heart. Maybe it’s because the hands are harder to neglect? Love your prayer at the end, and the scripture, too.

  4. As I read, I thought of the wounds I have had, and I thank God that I can take them to Him and leave them with Him. When tempted to seek revenge, I remember the One “who shall repay”. I also think of how I have wounded others, so I need to look at wounds from someone else’s perspective.

    1. A great perspective Joy – yes, when we’re feeling particularly pained it can be helpful to remember we’ve been the cause of pain too… healing is such a process isn’t it… God bless and thanks for your wise thoughts, as always xx

  5. …and then there’s the “trust in God” part…that the wounds will heal clean, that future wounds are also part of His will and that we’re never alone…

    1. Nicely said! Sometimes it’s hard to know whether there is hope for healing, but it’s great to remember we have a God who promises to walk alongside us and work our hardship into His plan.

  6. Your words: “Some of my emotional wounds also came to the surface in recent weeks. They were bubbling under there for some time before I realised the need to explore them. Sometimes wounds are just too painful.” really resonated with me and touched my heart…I can so relate.

    1. Thanks for writing Denise, and I’m glad the words spoke to you. There are many reasons we ignore our wounds and it can be hard to find the courage to explore them can’t it. Praying you’ll be blessed and encouraged as you explore what needs to be explored, in time.
      Take care,

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