We are at war, whether we admit it or not…

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about how much we underestimate the spiritual battles facing us. I just read this blog post by author John Eldredge, and I’d like to share it with you. He speaks about the reality of evil in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy… Well worth a read.


Be blessed as you acknowledge the war, and fight it in His strength alone,



  1. Thank you so much for confirming what God told me this past weekend. God bless you abundantly as we stand against the enemy’s efforts to steal, kill and destroy. love, sis Caddo

    1. I’m glad He’s been confirming this to you in different ways Caddo – love how He works to prepare us for the battle that Satan so desperately wants us to deny. Blessings as you put on the armour and gain strength from Him 🙂
      In Christ,
      Ali x

  2. Thank you , dear Ali, for reminding us that we are in a battle, day and night. This isn’t a walk in the park, our Christianity. God bless you as you stay focused on Jesus today!

    1. Thanks Debbie, so true. May we keep alert to the enemy’s strategies and be covered and strengthened by Him, our great warrior 🙂 Blessings to you and your loved ones today x

  3. Thanks for speaking the truth – I have ben struck by this as well, and as I try and write about it, all that comes to mind is the battle we are in. We have got to pick up our weapons and let Him win the battle for us. Praying that Christians everywhere wake up to this truth!

  4. May you be blessed with peace, love, joy and the abundances of the Lord’s fruits of prosperity this Christmas Season. We love you and appreciate you for all that you do in helping to build and promote the Kingdom of God here on this earth.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog on Christmas Day and for permitting me to share my family with you. I had shared this post without much of a response on my FB but I know it has others thinking. As hard as it is to look at truth at time and how convenient it can be to retreat to our pretty pictures of life, Truth will grow in us to revelation. This is good.
    I sit at 11PM on Christmas night and share, I am glad I am pst the entertaining phase. It was wonderful today with family and I look forward to enjoying everyone less exhausted in the prep. But, it is in sharing-
    May God continue to bless you and gift you with even greater revelation as you welcome Truth as you share with others. It is great to be a part of this online ‘team’ of ‘God-sharers’– Abide, Luv, D

    1. What a wonderful blessing and wish from one truth-teller to another 🙂 Keep telling it like it is, fearlessly and with boldness. Glad you could look back on Christmas as an enjoyable time. Blessings,

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