Laugh at the raging waters

We took our three-year-old to the beach yesterday, assuming he would enjoy the sand and the water. But as we approached the crashing waves, Thomas started to cry, clinging onto my husband for dear life. We tried to talk him through it but he kept wailing, staring – horrified by the energetic blue and white creatures.

“We’d better take him back,” I said to Michael. “He’s really distressed…”

But Michael felt it was worth more of a try.

Soon Daddy was making a game of it, inventing rhymes for Thomas to yell at the waves as they rolled in. Thomas’s tears started to dry up, and although he had a few hiccups along the way, by the end of our time he was laughing and buoyant, proud of his newfound bravery.

We all have trust issues at times…


And sometimes we can think of no way to rationalize the fears that control us.

Moving through distrust can, for some, simply be a matter of practice. We prove a person, or a situation, is safe by testing the waters, again and again… taking one baby step at a time before we realize it’s OK… they’re OK.

The one time in my life that I really moved away from God was terrifying. I had trusted him for so long, but when I became convinced the world really wasn’t trustworthy I started to put him in the same category. I slowly and carefully responded to his beckoning call… His invitation to trust again. And he really was worth it.

Trust isn’t given overnight – and it shouldn’t be, if we are wise. But we must practice facing the waves of fear, little hand in Daddy’s bigger one…

Life – certainly people – won’t ever be perfect this side of heaven – but he can teach us to laugh at the raging waters, tackling each one head on. We may not always know which ones are the ‘safe’ ones… but we can be sure he is. And he’ll never let us go.


  1. Hey GodGirl, just letting you know that ‘’ has moved from to Prob is that I lost all my subscribers and if you would like to keep subscribing you will have to visit and re-subscribe. Sorry about that. Bless you heaps! Glenn

  2. This was JUST what I needed today, Ali–can’t thank you enough!!! God bless you Big–wishing you and your family a blessed New Year, overflowing with His favor. Love, sis Caddo

  3. Thank you , dear Ali, for talking to us about trust today. So many reasons scream at us not to . ..but I don’t know how to live without trusting Him and others . ..even if there are some hiccups along the way. 🙂 God bless you and all that He brings to you in the new year!

  4. I’m glad he worked through his fear (I think the waves can be scary, too!) Trusting the guidance we’re offered can make all the difference. (Isn’t it funny how our first reaction tends to be to avoid rather than face the fear?

    1. Yes, I must say I expected otherwise! I think so – maybe we can only learn trust through initial fear/avoidance? Thanks for dropping by Janna – hope your novel has been going well too.

  5. Life can be like that, trouble arriving on each new wave. But God is bigger. I’m glad you took the time to help Thomas overcome his fear.

    1. Thanks Denise! Yes it must be quite a common fear.. God is great like that isn’t He? Thank you again and may you enjoy all God has in store for you today 🙂

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