If money were no object…

Do you ever ponder the ‘what would I do if I won the lottery’ hypothetical in your head? The one where you imagine all the things you’d do with a million or so dollars?

I’ve been through seasons of financial blessing, and seasons of monetary hardship. Although my parents raised me with a fairly ‘que sera sera’ attitude towards money – if it’s there it’s there, if it’s not it’s not – I’ve never known true poverty. The kind that leaves you wondering if your family will live through the day.

The reality of scoring an easy $1 million would be quite different to what we imagine. We might claim that half will be given to the poor in Africa, or that we’ll buy our brother a new car… but would we really?

* Image courtesy of www.bloggerstand.com
* Image courtesy of http://www.bloggerstand.com

I do like the question though, as it reveals where our heart’s at – or at least our best intentions. So then, it begs the next question of whether, even if we are strapped for cash, we could make some of our dreams happen right now? If your heart is for eradicating poverty, what small step can you take where you’re at? Perhaps it’s a dollar a day in a money tin? Or raising awareness through social media?

If your heart is for assisting your brother, perhaps a small amount, or some words of encouragement or affirmation might really make a difference.

When I have more money, my behaviours don’t necessarily change. Because if my attitude is stingy, it will be stingy whether I have a little or a lot. Where’s your heart? Roll out the ‘if money were no object’ scenario through with someone and see how your heart leaps at the possibilities… Then ask God to reveal to you what is possible right now, in your current season. Allow him to guide you. Recognise you do have a choice in helping others, pursuing dreams and fighting for freedom. All the money and resources we have are gifts from God. Yes, we often work very hard for what we have. But God gives and he takes away. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

Let’s make sure our hearts are generous in all seasons. May we each know how to recognise the true needs around us, and have the courage to be obedient to God’s unique call on our lives. If he wants something to happen, he will provide for it. I’ve seen so many miracles in the area of money that I could never doubt that he truly can do anything.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7-8)


  1. This is great, Ali. The way we desire and handle money is very revealing, isn’t it? In our relatively affluent and materialistic culture it is very easy to trust in money instead of in God. Often we don’t even realize that we’re doing that unless our income is threatened. Then we have an opportunity to examine and grow our faith in the One in whom our security really rests. May our hearts be faithful and generous today! Judy

    1. Absolutely – our bank statements bear witness to the state of our hearts in many ways… You make a good point – wealth tends to steer us away from dependence on God because it feels so self-sufficient. Amen! May our God enlarge each of our hearts…

  2. I love your point that if our attitude is stingy, it doesn’t matter how much money we have at our disposal. When I caught the revelation that it all comes from God–that it’s not “my” money–and that tithing is a blessing and privilege–my ability to handle money changed for the better. I love giving, and now I don’t worry that I won’t have “enough”–if God means for me to give, He provides–abundantly! I’ve been so amazed by His bountiful supply. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

    1. What a wonderful, God-fuelled revelation Caddo! A blessing and a privilege indeed… I do find it hard to ‘let go’ sometimes, but then I remember the joy of giving, and the source of ALL my blessings. Thanks for sharing how God’s worked in your heart and life xx

  3. Thank you for helping us look at this now .. .right where we are and asking what we can do, even though we don’t have a million. 🙂 I loved this , Ali! There is always something we can do and what a step forward it is , a step of faith . God bless you and your generous heart for Him!

    1. Thanks Debbie… absolutely 🙂 We each have something in our hands to give. We just have to ask God to show us His will for it…
      Thanks for dropping by – I miss your wonderful posts, but pray God would bless you in your current season, dear sister in Christ x

  4. This is a cool exercise to uncover our desire to help (and expose a stingy heart.) I do play the lottery once in a while, but I’ve never thought through what I’d do if I won. It’s so true that lack of money isn’t an excuse for not helping others, if that’s where our heart is.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Janna. Yes… Having more money would pose some challenges, but what we do with ‘our little’ can be quite revealing too.. God bless,

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