Seduced by glitzy baubles and trinkets

I’ve been missing God lately. Missing his glory. I haven’t chosen very often to look for it, or allow myself to see it. I haven’t taken much time to bask in his creation, or wander through his Word… or even sit down and talk with him. I haven’t asked him questions, or allowed myself to listen to His answers. And I’m sorry.

Life certainly loses its colour when we replace the adoration of God with other things, whether it be worry, stress, or the idol-worship of a person, church, or thing. There are so many times I’ve failed to put God first, and I need to keep re-learning how to surrender to the correct source.

At the moment I’m reading a book that’s captured me completely. Like a warm, sweet hot cocoa, I want to wrap my hands around it in the cold of life and not let go. Its words are starting to soften the edges of my bitterness and draw me closer to the true God again…

Here’s an excerpt:

“…whether I’m conscious of it or not, any created thing of which I am amazed, it is the glimpse of His face to which I bow down. Do I have eyes to see it’s Him and not the thing? Do I have eyes to see His face in all things so I’m not merely dazzled by the trinket, glitzy bauble dangling for the ogling, till it flakes and breaks and I strain for more to lie prostrate before?” (Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts)

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So many times I’m seduced by the snare of cheap imitations. Side-swiped by the things that look like God, but are just pointing me to Him, if that. I am lured by the “glitzy bauble”, then thrown, again. I miss Him, so often. I miss the creator of the trinkets – the One who is above all the best, and most beautiful objects of my affection. And I forget that lying prostrate before Him is what I truly need. What will truly satisfy.

I’m so sorry, God, for allowing myself to wander once more, when I have all I need in You. Lord, teach me again what it means to worship you, adore you, lay my whole life at your feet – and stumble into your arms again. You are enough, and always will be.

“One thing I ask from the Lord,
this only do I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
and to seek him in his temple.”
(Psalm 27:4)


  1. I understand my sister. I was reading two verses this morning that spoke these very things:

    1 John 5:21 and Hebrews 13:14-15

    Praying for you because God says you are a city set on a hill here in the blogosphere and you are shining for Him, even in this confession. May your lips continue to be fruit of lips that give thanks to His name…Jesus! Your tongue is the pen of a ready writer…after you spend time with Him I love to hear the revelations He has shown you…yes, I’m praying for you my sister….keep writing and sharing.

    1. Thanks for sharing those verses, and for being such an encouragement.
      I love the imagery of a city set on a hill. May we continue to bring glory to Him in all we say, offering the ‘sacrifice of praise’ that Hebrews talks about…
      I’m thankful I’ve had the chance to really ‘talk it out’ with God this week and return to His loving embrace… He is so good and full of grace for wanderers like me!
      Will keep sharing πŸ™‚ And looking forward to all the beautiful insights that you have for us too.
      Thanks again,

  2. Thank you, Ali, for your honest confession. And for wanting more of Him.

    It is easy to get caught up with all that dazzles and seemingly have no need of the Dazzler. I know.

    Yet, when we bend our knee and go low, He pulls us ever so close that we can feel His heart beating with our own. And once again we realize He is so good and He loves us so much and we wonder how could we ever walk away from all this grace?

    Praying that as you hold His word in your lap each day, that you will know that you are holding Him, the word was God…

    When you finish with Ann’s book you may want to consider reading {if you haven’t already} A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller. I had heard of this book for years and just recently our pastor handed them out as gifts one day in church. The words in this simple narrative are touching my heart in profound ways.

    Bless you dear sister…praying for you as you make your way back to more of Him…xxxooo

    1. Thanks so much Sheila, for your wonderful encouragement. After writing the post I was able to ‘bend the knee and go low’, as you describe, and receive His amazing grace once again. He is so very good… And yes, true. I’m enjoying delving into it again. Resisting temptations to do otherwise.
      Thanks for the book recommendation, that sounds great and I’ll look for it.
      Blessings to you in return as you walk out this week by His side xoxo

  3. How we miss God when we take a step away from Him! Your honesty and humility are pleasing to Him and I can see lots of spiritual growth ahead.

  4. Thank you for such a heart felt post and prayer. I’m praying it with you tonight, dear Ali! I find that I cling to things so quickly, so easily .. .instead of truly turning to Him. So this was for me. Love and prayers!

    1. Glad we can pray this together Debbie πŸ™‚ It must be our human nature. Let’s keep seeking to worship the true source of all the beauty and glory and truth… God bless πŸ™‚

  5. So true, Sister. I think about people this way too. I’ve seen God love on me through others and really it’s not them but Jesus through them. I think about the Christians I admire. It’s because I see glimpses of Jesus. I think about the heroes in movies. The Christ-like qualities draw me. Like Super Man….but Jesus can’t be defeated. Thanks for the reminder :). ((hugs))

    1. I hear you Amber! Well said. The glimpses of Jesus are what draws us in, but as you say, Jesus can’t be defeated and He is so much greater and more amazing. I guess our job is to reflect His glory in such a way that others don’t see us, ultimately, but Him. Hugs back πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve been missing him too. Life has been so full of activities for his glory too but I haven’t made the time necessary to just sit under his presence and find rest in him. making that change today!

    1. Praying you’ll find joy in Him again as you seek that rest Ames. It’s so easy to drift away, even in the ‘acts of service’ that we do for Him.

  7. This post describes something I have gone through many times- the drifting away and then upon realizing it, the active effort to get closer again. That verse from Psalms is a perfect prayer.

    1. Yeah, I know the drift well. And it does take active effort – or at least, heartfelt prayer, to get back on track. He is so gracious in continually leading us wanderers back home πŸ™‚

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