Take your stand



How savvy are you to the devil’s schemes against your spiritual growth? Have you thought about the fact you have a spiritual enemy who wars against you? Not that we need to fear, or obsess over this enemy – but we do need to wage war in return, simply by drawing close to God, ‘armouring up’ regularly with the truth of the Word, and laying claim to the fact that we are a son or daughter of the God of the universe – and the evil one has no right to come near us.
We are Christ’s, and we can rest safely and securely in his love and supernatural protection.
Read Ephesians 6, and apply the wisdom found there.


  1. A lovely post. Thanks for the Scripture reference too. I’ll continue to pray for what I need.

  2. You are right. I think because I live in a society where everything comes easy I want, I see, I take- it’s hard to imagine that we are in a spiritual warfare. This is a great reminder.

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