Be transformed, not conformed


How will you allow God to renew your mind today, instead of following the pattern of this world and all its distractions?

– Will you open up the Bible and allow God’s words to impart life, and hope, and conviction?

– Will you make time just for God, with no distractions? How do you best connect with God? At home in your room? In nature? Through prayer journaling and drawing?

– Will you chat with someone about your relationship with God? Are you ready to be vulnerable and talk about what’s really going on in your life?

There are so many ways to renew your mind and refresh your thinking. Allow God to speak to you today as you thank him for what he’s already done, and sit at his feet with your requests and needs…


  1. Hi Ali! I was feeling a little down this morning, and you know what picked me up? Prayer. God is there for me all the time. How can I forget it?
    From Christian Women Bloggers,

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