We haven’t seen God, but our love points the way to him

God’s love is made complete in us when we love other people? That’s a pretty amazing concept…

Certainly, our love for others is evidence that the Holy Spirit is in us, and that we understand the love of God.

And it’s only when we know his love deeply that we can love effectively, without pretention.

No, no one has ever seen God – but when his people love others well we see glimpses of his character.

So let’s choose to love like he loves, and point the way to the Father in the process.

So… how can you show love to others in practical ways this week?


    1. That’s such a great way to show love. It really makes me feel loved when someone says that to me – and even better, when they offer to pray on the spot, in person 🙂

  1. ~~ “So… how can you show love to others in practical ways this week?” ~~

    By having more patience with others. That is one area of my life that needs some work.

  2. I love this thought! We can’t see God, but when we show the love of God to others they can see him through us! So glad I stumbled upon this post, I find it very encouraging and it inspires me to make sure I living my everyday life in a way that reflects who He is.

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