1. Wow now that’s a great Very Proactive and Christian minded thoughtful thing to do Ali! You sure are having a good time with it as you promote so much goodwill and actually some great ideas! I’m happy for you and wish I was there to watch in person, that’s how much of an impact you had on me! Thank you for sharing and being the wonderful advocate dear lady that you are! God bless you! 🙏 🙏 🙏 😉 👍 ♥️ 🌻 🌈 🌻 🌞

      1. You’re absolutely welcome Ali!! I love your enthusiasm and good heartened spirit and I feel like I want to help, but I’m so far away so at least in some small way I do! I admire your efforts and you! Please be safe and keeping in touch is a good thing! God bless you! 🌻🌞🙏

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