A month we’ll never forget

It’s been almost a month since life changed forever for my 14-year-old nephew Reuben.

On Saturday 24th April, he and his family went swimming at a Queensland beach.

Like any other day, the kids were in the water, having fun.

But the jump Reuben took ended tragically.

As he dived into the wave, he was caught in a current which pulled his head violently into a sandbank.

His neck broke in several places and he lost consciousness.

Reuben (bottom right) with his family.

He floated to the top of the water.

His dad Andrew, my brother, thought he was pulling a prank.

But he wasn’t.

As Reuben lost consciousness he heard a voice saying ‘Don’t worry – your dad will help you.’

And, true to the voice, his dad came for him.

Quickly realising he was in danger, Andrew dived in and pulled Reuben to shore.

A retired surf lifesaver raced over and performed CPR, saving his life.

The two men had acted swiftly, and a rescue helicopter was able to airlift him with his mum to the Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

He received surgery to fuse his neck together, but is told he will likely never walk again.

He has very little movement below his neck.

He is slowly adjusting to a life he never expected.

These are the bare facts, told and re-told to so many over the last month.

The story is so often met with silence and an ‘I’m so sorry….” or “I can only imagine what that would be like…”

People have been so compassionate.

So caring.

They have loved our family in words and action.

For a moment every morning I think it must’ve been a nightmare.

But no – this is life now.

And it’s so hard… – for Reuben most of all.

Following the accident, we’re raising funds for his future care.

If you can donate, please do.

Below are some media snippets about his accident.

Thank you for all your love in asking how he is.

Every kind comment is appreciated.

Ali x


  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Hi Ali…I had woken up a little while ago and looked online at my account. I saw your latest blog post notification with a couple of others at the top of the cue. The first I clicked on was another nice Christian lady’s the Godly Chic Diaries and after reading that posting I send this which I thought may have relevance.


    I next clicked on a very nice Christian blog site that I follow closely lately rebogging many of his because it was a very short thank you sent to me from my last comment yesterday evening. Then when I next read yours the 3rd in the cue I was sad and not sure what to say at that moment; as I started remembering how when I was a high school student I had gone surfing with some guys I grew up with who could surf and swim well but I was fair at it. This was just after a hurricane had passed by the area and so the surf was up to humongous proportions; way over my skill level and very dangerous! But being young and I guess we can say foolish I paddled way out around a point in order to be far enough out to be in the swell area were you wait for the biggest that is beginning to crest then go for it!

    A set of three huge waves were roaring toward me and then I realized I was in way over my head and not in a good place so I went for it with the approaching wave and me and the board rose up into the air a few stories and all I could do was hold onto the big gun long board which suddenly shot down pearling under with me! I was lost in the under-toe and it was sounding like a freight train down there with rocks clapping and water rushing in all directions around me so I just felt in my heart oh God please save me; knowing if I panicked it was over and had no chance of surviving. So as I went limp and got tossed I felt a calm come and had no fear or anything really on my mind, Then like a cork I popped up to the surface and was bobbing around looking out to sea. Then I saw another huge wave building to a crest coming at me so I dove under it. I was already feeling tired but then when I popped up on the surface again as the next cresting wave, the 3rd one in that set, was now almost on top of me as I then heard a voice from a man on a surfboard whom I had no idea who he was; said grab hold of the board which I did and we paddled toward shore, then he said you can make it all the way now, and I said yea and starting to swim then stand on the bottom walking the rest of the way; and as I did I looked back as I recall to see that man which I did not!

    I’m shivering right now and beginning to cry because something happened to save my life that day and it was God intervening so I would live to continue here for reasons only He knew! I walked on and fell to the beach sand laying face first in it and saying thank you God and I’m not surfing anymore! I went on with life and many things have happened that if I weren’t around I know could have turned out much different, some that would affect others negatively and I also would not have grown to be who I am now, some of it good and bad; but still I know I made a difference in a big way here and there, many times.

    So after feeling at a loss as to what to say to you I didn’t want to say some cliché thing and just fill in a window with some words. I got up from my chair at my desk and walked over to my bed where my dog being a bit old now was still resting so I got back on the bed and was petting her asking if she wanted to go for that big walk the one in that piece I just sent that I mentioned in it. She seemed peaceful so I said OK I’m going to lay down a bit and as I did for about 15 minutes I went into a dream and in it I was standing in a building like hospital sort of place and saw Rueben and I was glad to be there and get to see him in person so I could talk a bit; then we said our hellos and I asked him, so how long have you been standing like that and how do you feel now after all this has happened; to which he said for a while and everything is great or something to that effect because it gets fuzzy now after that point my dog happened to disturbed my peaceful dreamy state and I had to get up to bring her outside!

    My hope and prayer now is that what I saw and truly hope in my heart of hearts is a sign that things will work out fine for Rueben and everyone connected to him now and onward through this circumstance! I feel in my heart God has special plans for Rueben. I’m starting to tear with emotion again; it’s all good we are in His hands! Tell Reuben I said hi and I’ll be thinking about him as I go for this morning’s walk down that same location I wrote about in that other posting. “Always Walking with Jesus Christ”

    God bless you all and great love and happiness to all of you in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen. 🙏 🙏 🙏 😉 👍 ♥️ 🌻 🌈🌻🌞

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    I just saw the last message I sent your way was April 3!

    Those emojis in that order were part of a previous message to you some time ago that I noticed as soon as I looked at my contact history.

      1. Always my dear sister and friend Ali…we will all be fighting the good fight together going forward and all by the Grace of God Almighty, though our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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