Better than Space Food

I remember my first week of marriage.

We were 21, and it was the first time either of us had lived away from home. As we unpacked the contents of our bedrooms into our seemingly massive two-bedroom unit, as well as all our wedding presents, it occurred to us that man could not live on bedspreads alone. We needed a dustpan-and-brush, kitchen bin… washing-up liquid… and the list went on.

As we raced through the aisles of Franklins, you’d think we were kids in a candy shop – because all we seemed to focus on was candy. OK, slight exaggeration, but we still laugh today about the excitement my hubby felt about being able to buy things his parents had never stocked in the pantry. Like ‘Space Food Sticks’ and all manner of crisp delights, fizzy drink and sugary, tangy substances…

And yes, in all the joy we still remembered the dustpan-and-brush. But it was hardly front-of-mind.

There’s so much we took for granted before we moved out of home. Dinner would be mostly provided without much effort on our part, though the washing-up chore afterwards felt like an eternity… We didn’t have to worry about purchasing household supplies. Things like rakes and lawnmowers were foreign objects. And somehow, the washing would always end up clean and folded on our beds at the end of the week.

Sure, we wanted to move out and start a new life on our own, but doing things for ourselves for the very first time made us appreciate just what our families did for us.

I wonder how much I am taking for granted in my life right now… Not that I want to berate myself for not being more appreciative, but I think sometimes it’s worth considering just how much we have, and who’s really picking up the tab. Because when we consider the many ways we are truly being looked after, it can change our perspective…

Here’s a few to start with:

1. As an Australian, I am one of the wealthiest people in the world (see

2. I have a roof over my head, electricity, fresh water, clean air around me, access to high-quality education, technology, and endless opportunities. I am blessed with good friends and family members that love me. I am not orphaned, nor ever completely alone.

3. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the one who created me. He died and rose to life, so that even if I didn’t have any of the things above, I’d still be blessed, because when I die I’ll return to him and live with him forever.

4. I was created with a purpose that isn’t just about this life, but has an impact on the next.

5. I am loved by God. Deeply. Despite everything.

I reckon that’s a few steps better than being able to stock your cupboard with Space Food Sticks, as fun as that grocery shop was! I’m so thankful that no matter what happens, God is picking up the tab. Yes, there are still earthly consequences for my less-than-wise decisions – but my Heavenly Father is graciously taking care of me – forever providing for me, teaching me, forgiving me, and guiding me to help me live a better life. And he’ll never leave me or let me down. I am grafted into his eternal, big-picture plan for the world, and a relationship with him has flow-on effects beyond what I could imagine. He’s the best parent I could ever ask for, and he’s with me wherever I go, and in every life situation I face.

That’s more than I could ever ask for.


  1. What a sweet story 🙂 I remember our early years too….precious memories. You’re right…..we have plenty to be thankful for 🙂 Thanks for reminding me. God bless!

  2. I remember buying spices. . .who knew you needed stuff like this to cook with. haha! Loved this post and thinking about all He does for me, so much to be thankful for! God bless you, sweet one, as you rest in His grace today!

  3. I’m not an Australian, but I am pretty lucky myself 🙂 The points you listed are all things that I am thankful for, too! Of all things my life is blessed with, I am most thankful for the relationships, both with others on earth, and God.

  4. I first thought of a comment I made to my husband yesterday as I sat and ate out of a bag of Cheetoes; “one of the cool things about being an adult is that you can eat all the snacks you want.” 🙂 Then, I had to go make a healthy supper meal.

    What a wonderful tribute to our Lord (and parents!). Years later after being married with children, I called my mom and thanked her for all the years she had packed a lunch for me to take to school and work. That’s a lot of meals, and I’m not sure if she had ever been thanked before.

    Ultimately, God provides all we have, but my husband goes off to work each morning and pays all the bills. I do have a small income and I buy the “extras” and help with the “cushion”, but if he didn’t work, wow…. not good.

    You are so spot-on with #4 and your realization of the “eternal, big picture plan”. I’ve been impressed with that recently also. ALL your points were excellent, so much to think about here and be thankful.

    Just a great post and reminder of who is our “life-giver”.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts and reflections.. so true, as adults we do appreciate all our options, whether or not we choose the best ones all of the time! (speaking for myself that is). That’s beautiful that you thought to do that, to acknowledge all she did. Thanks so much, it was a helpful reminder to me, to write it and acknowledge what we really do have in Christ. God bless x

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