Look at moi, look at moi!

Ever met someone who’s just neurotic that everybody is thinking about them, or talking about them? Or if not neurotic, really pleased by the idea that people might be speculating about their life?

It’s hardly uncommon. All of us, to some degree, like to think people are thinking about us and talking about us. These feelings reflect something we all want deep down. To be considered. To be noticed. To be loved.

These desires can get out of control when we haven’t been given the love and attention we needed growing up. We might try and fill this deficit by imagining everyone – or maybe just one person – has us on their mind. In some cases, we try and force this by doing outlandish things just to get the scraps of someone’s focus for a few moments.

Ever just want to be seen for who you are?

I honestly believe the only true resolution for this is to receive the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. He picks us up out of the mess of our lives, dusts us off, and helps us start again. Not only that – as his restored children, his gaze is firmly and eternally fixed upon us in a relationship with us. Not in judgment and condemnation – his death paid the price so we’d no longer be condemned for the stuff we’ve done against him – but in love. In unswerving devotion. He is dedicated to you because he chose you. His eyes are fixed on you. He planned out your life before the beginning of time. He knew you would exist, what you would do, who you would meet, and how you’d respond to him. He loved you then, and he loves you now. No matter what your parents did or didn’t give you, he can be the perfect parent in your life. He believes in your capabilities because he made you. He is talking about you in heaven, and will talk through you to let others know about him. And when you realise how real this relationship can be, it doesn’t really matter who is or isn’t talking about you…

God bless x


  1. Great post. I am guilty of this. I still do it, only the difference now is I am ashamed afterwards. I don’t like it one bit. Trying to look cool and clever. So meaningless, I thought. Very uncool.

    Thanks for the message. With this knowledge, perhaps the habit will disappear eventually. God is awesome!

    1. He is awesome, and has the power to help shift our focus onto him. It sounds like he’s working on bringing you closer to himself, and his view of you. I think once we’re aware of these issues in our lives (and we all have them), we’re half way there.. Then we just surrender to our loving Father… God bless.

  2. Thank you 🙂 I needed this today. My Dad died back in 2009 of a rare disease. He was a special man…..the kind who could dance and be goofy and not worry about his pride……the kind who would make pancakes for me before school & do it with joy. I’ve yet to meet another like him. And I often miss that Father’s love but I know my heavenly father is greater….just sometimes it’s hard to see that when I can’t actually see Him. But I know HE hangs the stars for us….and most of all HE sent Jesus to die for us. God bless sister!

    1. Wow, he sounds like a wonderful man. It’s going to be amazing when you see both him AND your heavenly father face to face again.. and may you be given more and more special glimpses of Jesus and his love for you until then.. God bless, sis in Christ x

  3. This is an important message to remember. It’s true that it doesn’t matter what other people say (or don’t say about us.) Sometimes I catch myself caring more than I should what others think. Even though I’m thankful that I recognize it and can steer myself in another direction, it still bugs me 🙂

    1. I think it’s just human nature, and I guess other people’s approval/dissaproval can be easier to “see” than Jesus’s – though his is far more powerful when we do see it for what it is… I think it’s a healthy thing to need/want respect for our work, opinions, etc – but it’s about balance hey, and remembering what/who matters most.. It bugs me about myself too… may we keep our vision focused on Him 🙂

  4. “And when you realise how real this relationship can be, it doesn’t really matter who is or isn’t talking about you…”

    Beautifully written, I enjoyed your thoughts. Jesus, my all and all.

    God bless you.

  5. Thank you so much for finding, and following, my blog. I’m looking forward to learning more about you through your blog now 🙂

    Christi Corbett

  6. Yes, out of the heart the mouth speaks.

    When I hear someone talk like that or hear it in a ‘song’ my heart goes out in prayer for them. We are created by God for God, some don’t know, realize or forget.

    When I forget wash my mind with His Truth, His Word with Galatians 1:10 and bathe in Psalm 139. Thank you my sister for reminding us of the agape love from the Father He has shown us through the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ! He is risen and is now in us!

  7. This is really wonderful–so much I could say, but it touches me so personally. God bless you abundantly today, and always.

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