Are you hungry?

I have never truly gone hungry, like so many in the third world. Living in one of the richest countries on the planet, I have access to all the food I could need or want.

Yet so often I am spiritually hungry.

And if I don’t continue to feast on the delight that is my God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – physical things (like food) will become the idols they were never supposed to be.

Lord, may I drink you in – instead of that which will never satisfy.

“‘I am the bread of life,’ Jesus told them. ‘Those who come to me will never be hungry; those who believe in me will never be thirsty.'” (John 6:35 GNT)

Jesus is telling His followers here about spiritual nourishment. ‘Come to me’, he beckons.

Jesus is the source of all the nourishment our soul needs. He will satisfy, in good times and bad. He is enough.

May we look always, and only, to He who fills the aching need within us.


I love this song Breathe, by Michael W. Smith…


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