Riding new bikes

Today my son decided to ride a small bike with stiff, unyielding pedals. He tried to move it forward but it was slow-moving and he became frustrated. It seemed best for me to give the bike a push to start with, then he could take over with the pedals. It worked well. I’d push a little, then he’d pedal, and so on. It was a team effort. I didn’t do the job for him, but was there when he needed a bit more momentum.
The beginning of any new endeavor is often the hardest. We’re in unfamiliar territory, and we’re not always sure how to tackle it. Without a ‘trainer’ – or someone to push us along when we need it, we could easily give up.
I love the encouragement God gives when we’re ‘riding new bikes’. He sets us free to learn and develop our skills, but is always there behind us with whatever we need. He won’t take over, but he’ll be ever-watchful, ever-attentive and ever-delighted in seeing us learn and grow in the job he’s given us.
What new things are you tackling this year? I have a few ideas I’m a bit nervous about, but I’m so thankful God is right behind me. If I fall? He’ll be right there to pick me up and put me back together again – like he always has.

I love this song. It’s all about stepping into the great unknown with God.


  1. Oh I love this–the visual of God always behind me, ready with a push to help, or a pick me up and hug me–love it!! God bless you BIG! love, sis Caddo

  2. Thank you for encouraging us to try new things because we have a faithful Lord ever watching, guiding and sometimes pushing! God bless you! And I loved the song too!

    1. He does indeed have our backs! May you enjoy taking risks knowing that, in a sense, there are no risks with God. He is always with us!
      Thanks for dropping by,

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