One faith-filled step at a time

I’m quite a fan of Susie Larson, whose written prayers inspire me with new strength and hope. Here’s one for today:

“May the Lord Himself lift you up and make you strong. May He steady you where you feel unsure. May He strengthen you where you feel weak. May He bless and affirm you before a watching world! You are His and HE is yours! His banner over you is love and He will never let you go. The assessments of others have no power to diminish you because God is the One who establishes you! Stay humble and confident and do what He says. He loves the plan He has for you. Take it one faith-filled step at a time. He’ll get you where you need to go. Embrace His grace and sleep well tonight. Bless you!”

Dear Lord – may we choose, with Susie, to embrace your grace today. May we remember that our lives are in your hands, and you will never let us go. Jesus is before us and behind us, and we can walk confidently forward knowing that we are covered and protected by him. He will show us the way.

Note to friends and followers:
Sorry I’ve been an infrequent WordPress visitor lately. I recently started a course in Old Testament Studies at Bible College, which, among other new commitments, has taken time to adjust to. I hope to get into a more regular rhythm with my blogs and comments on your posts soon πŸ™‚


  1. Oh this is a fabulous post, and prayer! Susie Larson? Guess I’ll Google her! Wishing you a beautiful Easter weekend, with God’s blessings and favor overflowing!! xxoo

  2. Hi Ali…

    Thanks for sharing the prayer. It really was an encouragement especially this part:

    He loves the plan He has
    for you. Take it one faith-filled step
    at a time. He’ll get you where you
    need to go.

    I hope you enjoying Bible School!!


  3. What a great class to be studying, I look forward to reading some of your insights from your studies when you are ready to write about them. God be with you through this new adventure in learning!

    1. Thank you Patty! Much appreciated πŸ™‚
      I look forward to sharing them, as they come.
      Appreciate your encouragement. Have a lovely day.

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