1. I do not know if your Church has a Sunday School department. But attending and participating in Sunday School on a regular basis is a good way to connect with people. Still you have to take the first step to connecting with people. If you are new to the Church, then you need to introduce yourself to congregants and volunteer to do stuff. Even so, your primary focus should be to worship, and everything else will fall into place.

  2. I noticed this at many churches. Big and small. I attend a mega-church so naturally there are different cliques that form. But I noticed it the most in our Tuesday evening Bible study. Many women with a common goal to learn, but all with different interests confined to the various small groups. It made me feel lonely if not somewhat left out seeing this as I would lead and teach. Now that can feel lonely. I had to ask myself if perhaps I was doing something wrong or maybe going to the wrong church. But I think it is in every church. The devil wants to divide God’s people. Loneliness sure seems like a way to do it. People who feel lonely and left out start to feel like they have nothing to contribute and thus stay away and end up feeling even more lonely. Kind of a vicious circle.

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