Everyone is in a minority group

I wonder if it’s true that we’re all in a minority group of some kind.

If we can assume that every one of us has been through, or is going through, something hard – then we can also safely assume others – albeit a small minority – are going through the same kind of thing.

And for many of us in that ‘minority group’, we really wish we weren’t members.

We wish life could feel a bit more normal… a bit more ordinary and uncomplicated – like it is for that person over there who seems to have it all together.

Maybe you’re in the minority group of the chronically ill… or the recently divorced… or the bereaved… or the depressed and anxious… or the betrayed and broken.

Maybe you feel like you’re one of the ones whose life looks shiny on the outside, but is falling apart behind closed doors.

This quote has become a bit of a social media cliche, but it contains helpful advice:


A big part of our struggle can be the feeling we’re the only one going through it…

It can be reassuring to know we’re not alone in our struggles.

In fact, across the world there’s a truckload of people who’d say ‘me too’ when you shared your story.

But are you sharing your story? Are you reaching out as well as looking inwards?


Reaching out is risky, because our story is not always greeted with compassion.

But sometimes it can be healing – even if your friend says just one small thing that helps you in some way, whether “me too” or simply “I’m sorry you experienced that…”.

And when we start to reach out, we realise suffering affects not a minority – but the majority of people.

We are far from alone in this.


  1. I liked your story, and your concept is valid that we are all in a minority group of some sort. Keep up the good work.

  2. So good and so easy to forget. It takes vulnerability to find out that you are not alone in something- I am learning this more and more all the time. Thanks for sharing these wise words and the reminder of truly never knowing what someone else is going through!

    1. I agree. Often it’s easier to hide away, telling ourselves we’re alone in our struggle. But when we reach out we discover hope, other stories, and other perspectives on suffering. Thanks for dropping by, Mack.

    1. That’s right – we often underestimate how helpful our words – and our stories – can be. May we keep on sharing and listening. God bless, Rick.

  3. This is so true. Just today, my husband and others in his department got to spend some time with the widow of a former coworker. (It’s been just over a year since the loss.) Some were afraid to call her lest they bring sadness back to the forefront. After this was voiced, everyone had a tearful moment and the bond of their hearts was renewed.

  4. If we are among the few who find the narrow way, we are in the minority group.

    Matthew 7:14 But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.

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