The best teacher you’ll ever have 

Think back to the best teacher you ever had. 

Mine was a woman named Kerry Edmeades. She was caring, kind, passionate, and confident – a definite role model. She taught English better than anyone I’d come across, and encouraged me to believe in my own potential.

But God is an even better teacher than our very best teacher.

Psalm 32:8 says he will “instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, and counsel you with his loving eye on you.”

Jesus teaches us how to live, what choices to make, how to love him, and how to love others. 

Jesus sees us, and knows us, and celebrates our triumphs with us. He shows us which path to take, and offers us help when we need it. 

He guides us with love and wisdom, and he’ll never let us down. He’s truly the best teacher, brother, friend, and Father that we’ll ever find, and he promises to be with us always.

Thank you, God, for the awesome teacher that you are. Help me to study your ways and to truly become more like you. Amen


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