Where does your strength come from?

Where does your strength lie, and what happens when that strength fails you?

Personally, I’m terrible at being sick. I hate the way it throws out my carefully constructed routine.

I also can’t stand how it seems to expose all my physical and emotional weaknesses. 

For someone who likes to be in control, being unwell is really hard.

We have no guarantees our bodies won’t fail us. No promises from God of “long life, health, and prosperity” – not this side of heaven anyway.

However, this Psalm tells us that although our flesh might fail us, God is our strength. He is enough for us. And he comes beside us in our weakness and gives us the Holy Spirit to comfort, guide, and counsel.

Whether you’re sick or well, struggling or thriving, remember the true source of your strength is Jesus, and he’ll never let you down.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” – Psalm 73:26 NIV



  1. How true this is as I am home with Vertigo this week. Made many plans being my week of from work. He is my strength when my strength fails me.

  2. I am coming out of a season of ill health … however, I do believe that ill health is not my portion. I also believe that, even though many die young, God promises us long life, and that a healthy long life is His will for us all … one of the scriptures I rest on in believing this for myself, my family, my friends and Christians all around the world is Psalm 91 … in particular verse 16 … and so I bless you Ali and I declare that with long life He will satisfy you and show you your salvation.

  3. What you say is so very true! I’m seeing it play out right now as I watch my 78 year old mother recuperate after a knee replacement. We’ve prayed for strength, and strength our amazing Daddy is giving her. I appreciate your words.

  4. Thank you for your timely prayers. She had a very rough night and about the time you were praying was rough. God bless you for listening to the Holy Spirit and acting on his prompting. I so appreciate it!💕

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