Where to look when you need to know your value 

How valuable do you think you are?

How much do you think you’re worth?

Do you think you deserve the love of someone who was willing to die on your behalf?

This verse reminds us that God paid a high price for us. 

The price was the life of his son, Jesus – the only one who could take the punishment our sins deserve.

Out of love for us, and because he wanted to make things right with his children, God allowed Jesus to die instead of us.

That’s how much he values us.

So we have a mandate to respect and care for the bodies he’s given us. To honour him in all we do. 

We are his treasured possessions!

People who don’t value themselves highly give themselves away physically and emotionally.

They allow others to walk all over them and use them as they please. 

Because they lack self-respect, they allow themselves to be disrespected and mistreated.

People who know they are loved, on the other hand, are better at asking for and receiving love from the right people, and in the right ways.

They know their value – not because they are perfect, but because they are loved. 

They are loved by a Heavenly Father who brought them into being, who created them with purpose, and who paid the highest price possible so that they might be saved.

That’s how much we are worth.

That’s how much we are valued. 

Will we live our lives in light of that love?


  1. Hello! This is an awesome writing! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith! Ps; I closed and re-opened my blog in a period of 2 days! It is open while under construction . Feel free to wander over!

  2. This post struck me today because I’ve struggled with my worth most of my life. It’s tough to truly accept that Jesus would die for me. Others, yes… but not me.

    1. I’m sorry you’ve struggled with your worth and that God would choose to die for you. Praying that God would give you a revelation of how much he delights in you, champions you, and sees your value as the pinnacle of his creation. You are valuable because God called you into being, and made you just the way you are, for a very good reason!

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