It’s good to cry

I’m fascinated by tears of the emotional variety (as opposed to those you get from cutting up onions).

Why do women seem to cry more than men? And is crying actually helpful?

In 1982 biochemist Dr. William H. Frey released a theory, for which there is some indirect evidence. He said tears help relieve stress by ridding the body of potentially harmful stress-induced chemicals. He was able to prove that emotionally induced tears have a higher protein content than those produced in response to eye irritation.

The reason we cry is still open for debate today. Theories range from crying serving as a non-verbal cue, to it being part of some kind of stress hormone release-valve mechanism.


Crying certainly helps serve as a signal for help or pity, or a bonding tool by which the crier is consoled.

It aids us in expressing the emotion of sadness, and crying with another person adds another dimension of healing – especially if your friend knows how to respond in an appropriate, empathetic way.

The vulnerability of crying can help build close friendships.

Sometimes we just need a release – as opposed to bottling our feelings up. Crying helps us to talk, in a way. Like blushing, it is evidence of the feelings inside us.

Let’s not be afraid to cry if we need to, with safe people who’ll help us navigate the journey. Crying is so often a gateway to hope and healing, offering release and refreshment when we’ve tried to be strong for too long.


  1. I had thought perhaps I was “all cried out”–didn’t seem like I could cry, maybe my heart turned to stone–but the tears are coming back (like the other night during my bedtime prayers), so I think that’s good. Great post–God bless you abundantly (how’s the family doing these days?)

    1. It does feel good to cry after a long absence… I feel it’s healthy, cathartic… I try to welcome tears as best I can πŸ™‚ Great to hear from you. Not going too badly. How are you? Blessings,

  2. I seem to go through phases where I don’t cry- then the embarrassing times when I cry over everything… not delicate tears, either. I end up with puffy, red eyes πŸ™‚

  3. Friday I had a flat tire at work. After work I went to my mechanic and told him I needed a tire and I needed my brakes fixed.

    My mechanic told me the cost would be $210 dollars. I only had $169 dollars in my bank account. A friend at church told my 6 months ago. If I needed some money, he had asked his wife and it was ok with her to help me out if I needed it. At the time I did not need any money but I thanked my friend and told him, I’d keep him in mind if a need arose.

    Friday I called to ask him if I could borrow $60 dollars. He told me he would drop $100 dollars off at the mechanic if I promised not to pay him back. I told him he was making me cry tears of JOY. Later my friend called and said he had spoken to his wife, and they decided to pay the entire bill. Again my eyes filled with tears of JOY.

    Often when I see GOD showing Himself in life, I cry tears of JOY. This just is the way it is, since Jesus had come to live in me.

    1. That is so beautiful, Ernie. What a wonderful, well-timed provision from your loving Heavenly Father through your caring friends. Yes, seeing God work can be a very moving thing…

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