Stop. Rest. Be still.

I recently wound up a busy six months of cramming in as many new experiences and work commitments as possible.

I think in a way I was living on adrenaline, trying to do it all. I’m not very good at sitting still.

I don’t think many of us are.

There’s a certain vulnerability in resting with the reality of ourselves; our lives; our purposes and goals.

But always running is costly.

When I slowed down my run, I realised I was exhausted from the emotional and physical effort of trying to do more than I was actually able. And I kind of crashed.

I’m now starting to rediscover a fresh stance of rest. A form of reflection that was lost during the first half of the year. I’m talking to God about how I’m feeling, what’s weighing me down, and why I felt the need to attempt so much.

I don’t want to strive endlessly, but instead just sit in his presence for a bit, and listen to him.

Sometimes sitting with ourselves and God is scary, but being still often bears more fruit than trying to run a marathon…



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