Noticed, celebrated, adored

We all just want to be seen, don’t we?



Adored, even.

We want at least one person’s eyes to light up when we walk in the room.

And that’s what we’ve looked for ever since we were infants.

To be noticed, celebrated, adored…

Becoming an adult doesn’t change that desire.

But if you were



Or Hated…

… If people always seemed to look down or get angry when you walked in the room…

Then you sought attention in other ways.

When our basic needs of attention and love are not met, we’re left hungry, depleted, desperate…

I remember one day, as a little girl, I was playing in my ‘reading corner’ as I liked to call it.

I’d set up a little space with cushions, books and favourite soft toys who’d keep me company as I read. But my favourite toy, a doll, was missing.

I really didn’t want to read without her, as she was my most special toy.

So, for some reason – probably because I’d seen my parents do it – I decided to pray and ask God to help me find her.


I kept looking for her, and within minutes she appeared. I was amazed.

It was a simple moment – but a profound one for a six-year-old.

Because in my mind and heart, I believed, for the first time, that God had seen me.

I felt like I mattered to God when I walked in that room. That my worry was noticed. That this God my parents spoke about cared about even the smallest details of a young girl’s life.

And that was the first time I believed.

Psalm 116 says this:

“I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;

He heard my cry for mercy.

Because he turned his ear to me,

I will call on him as long as I live.”

I love these verses. In very simple terms they state the writer’s reason for loving God.

He heard,

He turned his ear.

He is worth calling on

Because he listens.

He is not distant and aloof:

He is close.

Because of Jesus, God comes near. God dwells within. God changes hearts and gives faith.

With God, we find a relationship like no other.

We are:



Adored, even.


  1. This was a sweet recollection. God sites hear us when we cry out to Him. Up until about a year ago, I didn’t pray regularly (a sign I hadn’t fully trusted God and depended on myself). Now, when I feel the familiar worry and fear about the future and things I can’t control, I remind myself God has it covered.

    1. Thanks Janna. I’m glad those reminders are more frequent now. It’s so good to know he’s always near, hears every prayer – and cares deeply about everything that matters to you.
      Take care x
      PS I have read your last couple of couple of posts – and they were so good. I just haven’t got to commenting yet. What you said about people saying to ‘get back on the horse’ (or along those lines) is so true – the whole post has stayed with me as there’s so much that resonates with me. People do say the darndest things!!

  2. Interesting, but I don’t believe every neglected person looks for attention. I was pretty popular in school, so I guess I don’t really have a say in that one, but I never wanted to be. And in truth I was too depressed to even notice I was and the influence I had on others.

    All I wanted was to be alone to think. Today is the same. Attention makes me uncomfortable a lot of the time. Sexual attention especially bothers me, unless it comes from my partner.

    I suppose we all cope differently. Just wanted to share a different perspective to the same issue.

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective – I really appreciate your honesty and story. That makes sense. I’m sorry you’ve had a lot of unwanted attention, and suffered from depression too.
      I think it seems that people either hide, or seek attention, depending on how we’re wired.
      I think a lot of us hide from God, but when we really see him – and he sees us – then it can be the most wonderful thing because we realise he’s the only one who offers us perfect love and grace. His attention is actually welcome – from my point of view anyway.
      Thanks again for writing and sharing.

      1. You’re welcome. Thanks for replying.

        Well I’m not a believer. I gave religion its fair chance, but it never rang true for me. Again, we all cope differently, even with regular life. God didn’t provide the help I needed or spare me from abuse, so I fought my own way out, ironically with the help of atheist friends.

        I’m happy with the life I have today. Never looked back.

      2. I’m so, so sorry about the abuse you’ve experienced 😦 What a broken world we live in… So many things don’t make sense. I know God isn’t the author of suffering but he does provide hope on the other side…
        Religion never worked for me either. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ. When I met him I realised he encompassed everything I was searching for prior to that encounter.
        I’m glad you had friends to help you when you needed it and that you have peace with your life. Really appreciate you sharing your experience. Take care.

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