When are you ‘in your element’?

When are you most ‘in your element’?

What activity, hobby or type of work makes you feel like the hours are just flying by?

Ken Robinson wrote a whole book on the concept of finding ‘our element’. In it, he says:

“Sometimes reaching your Element means walking away from the life you’ve known to find an environment more suited to your growth.”

He tells the stories of various people – famous and otherwise – who faced all sorts of obstacles and opposition on their way to achieving their goals and pursuing their dreams.

Robinson talks about how some people get to do what they love for work, and others keep their one true passion as a hobby. Regardless, he says, it’s important to incorporate our ‘loves’ into our lives as much as possible in order to find fulfilment and joy.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in paying the bills and meeting the needs of others that we can forget to make time for the things that make us come fully alive.

But when we spend too long neglecting the gifts God has given us, we can start to feel dead… dry… in a rut.

Sometimes getting out of that rut might mean taking small steps towards a new career, or joining a class, or emerging from our comfort zone to meet new people who might challenge us more.

There will be obstacles along the way – and of course we have to work out what’s realistic for the season we’re in – but I think we can each do one small thing to make life more pleasurable and fulfilling, even in difficult circumstances.





  1. This is great! I think Satan attacks us to make sure we don’t get into the right place for our Godly walk and to best use our Godly talents. People need to be reminded to press on and get past the doubts. Thanks for this post, my friend.

  2. Ruts are SO comfy though =)
    I love my knitting, but have found some other places where I am in my element. And if I can, avoiding places that make me stressed…

    1. Hehe, that’s for sure. It’s scary to step out into something new.
      That’s good – it’s great that you know what makes you feel ‘alive’ and at peace.

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