The power of a choice to change who we are

Choices are powerful.

Even the little ones.

We stand on the precipice of some choices knowing that, in a way, our life depends on them.

Our future life, our destiny, our fate… will in some way be impacted by that single big choice, whether it’s who we marry, what country we live in, or which career path we embark on.


Other choices can be made haphazardly, randomly, impulsively… without thought or reflection or wisdom. These choices might relate to what we eat, when we get to bed, or how much we drink at night.

But every choice, in a sense, matters. Every choice, in a sense, shapes who we become.

And C.S. Lewis agrees:

“Every time you make a choice you are turning the central part of you, the part of you that chooses, into something a little different than it was before,” he writes.

Every choice has a part to play in the people we are turning into.

Choices have consequences, and the “part of us that chooses” is impacted by every single one.

Scary thought, isn’t it?

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Sometimes I look into the faces of my children, and I feel the gravity of my everyday decisions. I’m given a sense of my own power to build up or tear down through my words and actions. Often I hurt them without even realising, and it’s the last thing I want.

But then, I’m reminded that my power, though real, is actually quite small in comparison to God’s.

His influence – as their Heavenly Father – has the potential to be so much greater in their lives than mine could ever be…

And what a relief that is!

While our choices have significance, we are not God.

And while our choices have consequences, there is always hope.

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And this hope is found in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, who can also bring our lives back from the brink when we’ve messed up.

We don’t do life on our own.

We have our Father God, who not only guides our choices, but picks us back up again when we’ve fallen.

Yes, there is power in a single choice – but there is more power in the hands of an almighty Father who has sovereign control over all of life, and who promises to be there in all of our decisions.

Yes, our choices can change us. Anyone who’s been a teenager knows that for a fact.

But they don’t have to keep defining us.

We can choose, today, to allow God to redefine us, and guide our future into something more beautiful, healthy, and alive.

Father, forgive me for the times I have chosen unwisely, either impulsively or otherwise. You know my heart better than anyone else, and you see the darkness within. I’m sorry for not always consulting you, or seeking your wisdom. Help me to accept the consequences of my choices and make amends where I need to. Help me also to accept your forgiveness and mercy. Help each of us to make fresh new choices with your help. It’s never too late to start again – you are the God of new beginnings. Help us to become more like your son, Jesus, as we surrender each and every aspect of our lives to you, from the food we eat through to the careers we pursue. You are sovereign, and in control, and we trust you for the future.


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