Six ways to re-connect with God when you’re feeling distant

What does loving God look like for you?

What are your favourite ways to express adoration for Jesus in the everyday?

Here are some of the things I like to do when I’m struggling to find a connection:

  • Plan it out. Rather than waiting till I feel like praying, I schedule in time with God as I would a close friend. I block out a specific night when I can be particularly open to listening to the Holy Spirit and I ask him what he desires for that night. I make sure that a Bible reading or worship music is a part of that time, and I listen and respond to his voice.
  • Talk to a friend. I choose to be real about my struggles and seek wisdom from others. Vulnerability often opens doors to connection and growth.
  • Choose a great devotional. I love the range from On Becoming Esther, as each one combines inspirational imagery and walks you through a book of the Bible with a combo of commentary and reflective questions.
  • Listen to the Bible and meditate on it. I love using the audio function within the YouVersion app and listen to a chapter for my morning quiet time on the way to work.
  • Connect with nature. Immersing ourselves in the natural world is often a powerful reminder of God’s majesty and incredible creativity. Practice mindfulness as you engage with creation, even if it’s just in your backyard.
  • Finally, simply ask God for help. Admit your struggles and receive his guidance as to how you can love him more deeply. He will meet you there!

“Love God , your God, with your whole heart: love him with all that’s in you, love him with all you’ve got!”
Deuteronomy 6:5 MSG


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