Follow your curiosity and see where it leads

My son’s passion is football – Rugby League more specifically – and no member of our household is immune to his impromptu tackles.

It feels like he was born to tackle – or at least, born to use his energy in very active, physical ways.

And his passion breeds a great deal of curiosity about the game – along with his dad, he’s always checking the scores, and where his favourite team sits on the ladder.

My curiosity about football is something I have to drum up – it certainly doesn’t come naturally.

If it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t care less about it.


I am curious, however, about things like cooking, and what makes people tick, and nerdy things like grammar and punctuation.

If I hadn’t followed my curiosity in these areas, I would never have discovered the joy of good food, or non-fiction books by great authors, or a job as a writer and editor.

For some of us, stress about the demands of life in certain seasons can make us immune to exploring our curiosity.

But without our curiosity, we simply survive rather than thrive.

I have to remind myself often to engage with the things that prompt me to ask more questions.

The things that spark creativity and ‘life’ in me.

I think that if life doesn’t surprise us at all, we haven’t taken enough risks, or walked down enough paths.

As Helen Keller wrote, “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”.

What will you do to spark your curiosity this week?


  1. OH thank you, Ali, for reminding me to stay curious! I am house sitting this week . . .with 3 dogs and 2 cats. :). blessing and love!

    1. Wow, a change of scenery like that definitely allows for more ‘curious’ adventures — definitely an animal lover’s paradise by the sounds! Enjoy your time and stay curious 🙂 🙂

  2. Praise God for Godly curiosity and for Children!! We sure love ours!I
    It is so great to discover that, every game played in a sport is bigger than the game itself, every new idea is bigger than the idea itself.
    Curiosity about the discovery and application of any new thing satisfies the sense of enchantment about the world that God created.

    Curiosity and enchantment go together. When your son looks back in years to come he will remember the game and everything that went with it. The feel of camaraderie , the smell the dew cover grass. The wins, losses and ties will all give way to the overwhelming joy of having played in the presence of God.

    God makes us to know it both during and after the fact.
    as for me I think ill read a new book,. My sports days are past.

    1. So true! Insightful words. You’re right, I think God designed us to be curious about the world around us; to enjoy exploring and learning and discovering new things. Enjoy your adventures in reading 🙂

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