VIDEO: Are you waiting for someone to bring you flowers?

In the first of a new series of videos made for It’s a God Thing, I share a quote which touches on the importance of ‘planting our own garden’ instead of waiting for others to bring us flowers.

How can you step up and make your life more beautiful today?

God bless,

Ali x


  1. Sadly, the world more and more wants to blame others for their situation. The government should have done this or that. If only, I had this or that. And yet, in most cases we are responsible for the outcomes in our lives.
    As Christians, we are blessed beyond measure, Jesus has made it possible for our Heavenly Father to provide the Holy Spirit to be our comforter, our counsellor, our teacher. If we allow Him, He will guide our steps to ensure we do what God has called us to do.

    1. I totally agree, Ron. When we have Christ, we have more than enough – yet so often even Christians take on a ‘victim mentality’ and get in a rut. You’re right. He does bless, guide, and provide.

  2. Thanks so much Ali! This was really great for me to think about. :). I think it is a really healthy way of approaching our lives and takes the pressure off of others to meet our expectations all the time! Blessings!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I used to blame other for my life’s problems. It was easier that way. But the more I looked at my life, the more I realized that I was “the cause” of most of my issues.

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  5. Love your spirit and the compassion of Christ that comes across with such sensitivity. May I go ahead and ask, if you would ;

    I’m starting a Page in my blog
    a page here with quotes from fellow bloggers who make a difference. Would you think to share a Quote with us that others ( not necessarily spiritual minded) would understand and be blessed by ? My blog is with words, my paints and verse from the heart of an Indian mother, one touched deeply by the love of Christ. I’ve worked with street kids and challenged little ones, doing fun street plays with stories of Jesus and also Painting with college kids as a bridge to other issues. phew, I chatted on. Looking forward, stay blest

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