Play them a tune they’ll keep humming to

My mum taught my son a little tune on the piano one afternoon last week.

She invested time and effort into making sure he got the keys just right.

And pretty well, every day since then, I have heard him tap out the same tune – almost like a little ode to the time he had with her.

Her tune keeps playing well after she’s gone.

What tunes have been passed on to you?

And what tunes have you passed on to others?

My mum teaching my son a tune he’ll never forget.

I think we all leave a melodies behind us wherever we go – some sweet… some not so much.

I can think of a lot of different tunes left by friends over the years – words and moments which emerge as poignant memories.

Some relationships have been like a symphony, leaving their mark on me forever.

Everything we say and do has the potential to leave a mark – sometimes long after the relationship has ended.

How will you impact the people around you today?

What ‘songs’ will get stuck in their heads for days after you meet?

How will you make a difference, and allow others to make a difference to you?


  1. So beautiful and sweet and thought provoking! I have a relationship that is kind of fading out, and you have helped me to think of ways to do that with grace and beauty . . .a good tune! Thanks Ali! God bless!

  2. There’s a song my grandmother would sing to my father… sort of a lullaby really, it’s from back home on ghana my parents sang it to me and my siblings and I now sing it to my kids…

    Great post hun! What s unique topic! Love it! 💛👌🏾

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