I was trying to study for an exam but wrote poetry instead…

Some people are procastibakers… I’m a procastipoet!

These are a few of the bits of poetry I came up with when I was meant to be studying.

Hope you enjoy my efforts.

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Chocolate fix

Steady, unrelenting aches

Pirouette into the pure relief of release

And clandestine cravings

Give way to sighing satisfaction.

I want a time machine

Regrets register

As sharp pangs at night-time

Moments I want to seize back and


For the sake of a better tomorrow.

Don’t go to bed angry

Arguments lodged at midnight

Rob tomorrow of peace in advance.

Like drunken cats making plans to rampage the mice

We foolishly attack when eyelids are heavy.

Filling new shoes

She steps into the unknown

With awkward pretensions

Like a girl slipping into heels.

But she adds enough bluff to her hesitant bluster

To keep the punters happy — for now.

Infant loss

The heartache that comes from play-date drop-offs

Is but a pale reflection of the loss many feel,

Every day,



Telling whoever will listen.

That their child deserves a name too.

Please. Don’t. Ever. Forget.

High expectations

Children are irrational creatures – every one

Yet we forget our own pig-headedness

As if our offspring should be different somehow.

Why load them up with a command to break the mould

When they’re swimming in the same gene pool?

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Today I played a game with my thoughts.

Instead of enemies they became friends in the shape of cartoons, songs and dances.

Instead of fighting them I chose acceptance and kindness,

And now we get along just fine.


  1. I love these, Ali! And the idea of keeping calm, by writing poetry! :). I think maybe the poems WILL help you with your studies, simply by being stress relievers! You might start a trend!

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