A prayer of thanks for all the amazing things God is

Hi everyone,

Hope the weekend has treated you well so far. 🏖

Today I just wanted to share a simple prayer I wrote to help us focus on Jesus.

Ali 🌺

Dear Lord,

Thank you that we can kneel before you today and worship you as our Father. Thanks that we can also approach you as our very best friend.

Yes, you are both our father and friend, our Lord and our first love, our king and our brother.

As creator, you hold the world in your hands – stars, moon and sky, everything… yet you care about every detail of our small, humble lives and call us your own.

Your very own son, your very own daughter. Your beloved child, who you died for.

You look at us and say ‘that one? He’s mine’… ‘that one? She’s mine’…

You give us our names, our identities…

No matter where we were born or who we were born to, our identity is completely remodeled when we enter a relationship with you.

People the world calls nobodies, you call ‘somebodies’.

People the world despises, you lavish with love and care.

You’re a father to the fatherless, a doting Daddy to the downtrodden, a lamp to the lost, a shepherd to stray sheep.

And today, Lord, we thank you for finding us.

We wander, but in your kindness you bring us back.

And we’re eternally grateful for who you are and what you’ve done.

May our lives carry the fragrance of our thankfulness.

In Jesus’ name,



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