A letter to a friend who’s been in the dark for a while

Hey darlin’…

How’s it going?

I can see you’ve been struggling lately.

You’ve been carrying a whole load of unmet expectations and you’re fatigued.

I know you value your friends, and you give a lot… sometimes too much.

You give and give in the hope of reciprocation from someone who truly gets you, knows you, loves you, sees you…

If you’re honest, you find yourself straining your eyes to see Jesus in the faces of those people you care for…

And sure, sometimes you catch glimpses of him…

But it’s never enough, is it?

No one can ever take his place or be all that he can be, and you know it.

Sometimes the people in your life are quite the opposite of Christ, hobbling along in many shades of broken.

Their lamp is too dim to light your way, and there’s wisdom in accepting this.


But Jesus is still in the picture, sweetheart, with a lamp as bright as the noonday sun.

He’s the way, the truth and the life, and he’ll make the path clear if only you choose to look.

Your eyes have been averted for so long. You’ve been hiding in shame, sadness and disappointment.

The dark feels safer than the light.

You’ve made cowering a way of life – I guess it’s what you know best.

But it’s time for things to change.

Time to throw off the dusty cloak, look for the Son, and move towards daylight again.

What’s the point in staying hidden when there’s still a big wide world waiting for you?


Follow the lamp-carrier, step upon the narrow path, and watch your life widen again.

Today your next chapter begins.

Choose to be a leader, not a follower.

A teacher who never stops learning.

A child of God who never forgets their Father.

And embrace all that’s ahead with optimism and hope….

I can guarantee it’ll be totally worth it.


Your friend who gets you, knows you, loves you and sees you xx


  1. Hey, Ali!
    Thank you, for almost making me cry with this post! πŸ˜₯ I’m really encouraged. God bless you, darling!

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