How my ‘God nights’ put my life right again

Tonight a close friend asked me how I connect with God after I’ve been feeling distant.

Hers was a gentle invitation to ‘own’ my spiritual rituals and share them.

So I took the opportunity.

I started to reflect on the times I made every Friday ‘God night’.

In those times I lit candles, played my favourite music, sourced beautiful poetry and looked up Bible verses… and just talked to Him.

I talked and talked until I got it all out.

These were key elements of the formula.

god nite.jpg

These were – and still are – nights of beauty and reflection; bowing down and lifting up; hands open.

Nights of worship and surrender. Sorrow and joy. Nights of deep feeling.

And deep healing.

Nights of intimacy.

They are ‘God nights’ because here, I intentionally invite God in.

I ask for his help in fixing my eyes on Jesus.

In seeking his face.

In hearing his answers.

In knowing his will.

I seek, and I cry out, and then, in the silence, I listen.

And that’s the most important part.

So I invited her to create a God night too.

To make a date with her King.

To enter into His presence.

To listen to His song.

And become whole again.

Will you (or do you) do the same?


  1. This is so beautiful . . .so reflective of your heart for Him. Thank you for sharing with us Ali! And yes, I want to follow your example and do this too!

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