Keep yourself loved

What’s your experience of God’s love right now?

Are you feeling deeply connected to him, or distant and uncertain?

This Bible verse talks about keeping yourself in the love of God by praying in the power of the Holy Spirit.

While God’s love for his kids is unconditional, and he’s always there for us, we often wander.

So we need to keep pulling ourselves back into his loving arms.

In some ways it’s like any relationship. If we don’t ‘stoke the fires’ it can easily grow cold.

So what are you doing to stoke the fires of your relationship with God?

What choices are you making to connect with him this week?

Here are a few ideas if you’re feeling stuck:

  • Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you into greater intimacy with him. Ask for his love to be revealed more deeply to you.
  • Open your Bible and ask God to speak to you through the Scriptures.
  • Sketch/ paint a story from one of the Gospels to help Jesus’ life become more vivid to you.
  • Ask a friend to touch base with you once a week to share what you’ve been learning about God from the Bible.
  • Plan a night dedicated to prayer and reflection. Select your favourite worship music; light candles if you want: and be prepared to seek God’s voice.
  • Visit a church where you aren’t serving in any way, and just reflect on how they do things. Enjoy being a visitor and meeting people who share your faith.
  • Choose something you do every day, such as eating a meal, or walking, or cleaning. Ask God to reveal himself to you in that task. You might find you appreciate your meal in a new way, or notice the colour of the leaves on the footpath, or are strangely drawn in by the rhythm of the cleaning cloth across the benches. You never know – the mundane things might just help you connect with God!
  • Above all, simply keep asking. Ask God to reveal himself to you daily as you keep yourself in his love. He’ll meet you more than halfway.

Take care,



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