Let your guard down.

This short piece expresses a craving for intimacy in friendship or romance. Enjoy.

Your heart is Fort Knox.

In a glance you tell me which road you won’t travel,

Which path you refuse.

Not one to push and prod,

I start by modelling raw.



And wait for you to take the plunge.

The dive into depth.

The swim into self-revelation.

Who are we? 

Who do we want to be?

Who do we wish we were?

Take down your walls,

Unclench your hands,

And hold mine tight,



  1. Very piercing; yet inviting and deeply sensitive too, Ali. To me this is a heart full of love speaking to one that’s grown cold or even bitter; sometimes just living in this world can do that, but love conquers all.

      1. Thank you Ali! Very nice to hear from you, especially as I’m under the weather and I pray it’s not the bad virus in my chest; your thoughts have an encouraging effect upon me! You are so very welcome, and I hope as time passes to be able to read much more of your work, especially as it pertains to serving our Lord Jesus! I hope when you have time you look at my more recent writing which always get out of hand and go on too long for most, even my sisters here who like much of what I say, said the other day “oh, this is long!” I can tend to talk a lot but writing it doesn’t curtail the length of my dissertation. That said, if you skim over anything I wrote and spot a problem or something worth mentioning please always feel free to say it like it is, I will listen to you!
        God Bless You! 😊 🙏 ❤

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