It's only March: A reflection on COVID-19

I trudge towards the spinning line,

Feet soaked by morning dew

Each grass blade glistens and shines,

Poking through the once-brown yard.

Clouds gather and blue turns grey with hope.

Orange skies no longer choked by smoke.

But it’s only March and we’re breathless again.

A new enemy crouches.

But instead of fighting fires

We’re retreating in the shadows.

Till he scampers off,

And brown turns to green once more.


Poem by Ali Leader, Sydney, Australia


  1. Excellent Ali, I really like this a lot and I’m reminded of the huge burden all of you fine folks out there down under have had to cope with and your faith is beautiful and strong I see, which makes me want to work harder to be better all-around and hopefully inspire as you are here and to also make some difference in helping others to continue fighting the good fight until our Lord takes us home! God Bless You and Yours my Sweet Friend and Christian Sister! 😊 🙏 ❤

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