Happy New Day everybody! (‘cos that’s good enough for me…)

I love setting out goals for the future.

Ask me my five-year plan and I’ll tell you straight away.

So when it comes to new year’s resolutions, I’m in my element.

But this time of year can bring with it pressure to make a lofty set of plans.

That’s why a different approach is in order.

What about ‘new day’s resolutions’?

How about we start by defining our intentions for today?

happy new year

And ask ourselves whether these intentions match our values.

For example, I have a personal value to be a good parent.

So how will my intentions for today fit these values?

My intentions might go something like this:

  • I will speak kindly to my kids wherever possible.
  • I will make sure they eat at least 2 types of fruit and 2 types of vegetables today.
  • I will encourage them to burn off energy for at least 30 minutes straight.

These are some examples of three intentions which fit under my larger life value.

Why not take a moment to write down your personal values?

Then list three intentions that fit within these values, each morning.

I’m not so worried now about my 2020 resolutions.

A healthier approach is to start with today – then tomorrow – and so on.

Happy New Day!

Ali – It’s a God Thing

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  1. I agree with you and like that a lot let’s take today’s concerns and make the best of them! Mother Teresa used to say one day at a time when helping the lepers and 4th class outcasts in Calcutta! I know I’ve heard many wise ones say nothing is a guarantee we only have now or today! Happy New Year and God Bless You and Yours!

      1. Thank You Ali! Yes Ma’am she was full of wisdom and a saint but you are showing so much good yourself and we really don’t know at all how much time we have at any given moment! Thank you again for your great fellowship in the Lord and I’ll pray for you and yours along with all those in dire straits down under with so much calamity, dear Lord my heart goes out to you all!

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