Comfort in the face of a life drought

Right now, Australia has faith in what it can’t see just yet.

An end to the drought we’ve been enduring for many months.

Fires have swept our already sunburnt land, and people have faced deep personal losses.

Some of us are praying to God, asking him to bring rain.

But he hasn’t answered yet.

We’re in that period of watching, waiting, and wondering.

Until he comes through for us, and we start taking the rain for granted again.

What are you waiting for in this current season?

* a better job?

* an end to your marriage struggles?

* a baby?

* a way out of debt?

* healing from a physical or mental illness?

* an end to relationship stress?

* a close friend you can share your life with?

* a better church?

* a life partner?

* reconciliation?

Whatever it is you’re longing for, trust God that he’ll provide for your needs.

The rain may be taking its time, but God is faithful and will not leave you during the drought.

Keep holding onto his love.

He won’t let you down.

And just wait and see how he answers.

Sure, it might not be quite what you’re expecting, but rest assured he has your best interests – and his glory – at heart in all seasons.


Ali x


  1. Hello God Girl,
    I have only just uploaded a post on this very same topic!
    This encourages me that not only am I hearing God’s timely word, but he is also wanting to reassure his people.
    May we each hold onto his Word in faith.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ali, beautifully and superbly said which speaks to the heart of Faith in the Lord. I think you brought to my attention that even from tiny things to monumental earth shattering ones we can’t and shouldn’t expect God to do what we want Him to because we ask or even demand in some cases; but only that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven! We are here to express our Faith in Him so that in doing so we can grow stronger in our love and appreciation of Him, no matter what comes our way we, and I must quote here; “can rest assured he has your best interests – and his glory – at heart in all seasons.” Yes Ali, our best interests are always covered no matter what the end result, because that is how much He loves us all! The Eternal Life to come is what it really is all about, isn’t it! “Ask and you will receive,” I think covers it, as by Faith alone we are saved! Amen.
    Love Back to You and Yours!

    1. Amen, Lawrence. Well expressed, and that’s so true. There are no guarantees in this life, other than that God is with us and will make everything right in heaven one day. So glad we can trust in that. God bless you.

      1. Amen to you Ali. Thank you very much for your strong faith and sharing of it through this modern capability that God has allowed in creating us in His image with the beginnings of intellect and reasoning. In this we are able to grasp these truths we speak of and share in fellowship as His children, and knowing this we can rest assured that such a Greatness and Love such as our heavenly Father’s will never let us go or forget us; if we have genuine faith in Him as our Lord and Savior. I’m totally with you in spirit and thought in all you said and especially how you said, “So glad we can trust in that.” We most certainly can and I’m so glad too Ali… God bless you. Amen. 🙏 ✝

      2. Hi Ali, on another note I said a prayer for the people and animals in your country that are suffering from all the wildfires. I’m extremely sad to hear all this sad horrid news and I bleed as well as cry inside to think of it! All I can do to relieve the pain I feel is say to myself that God makes anything come out right in the end if that is His will that it should. It’s just beyond comprehension and our ability to grasp things so over our heads and abilities! God Bless You and Yours.
        God Bless Your Entire Country and All The Wildlife. Amen.

      3. Sure Ali, wish I had the power to do something directly but I’m far away and I only hope my prayers will be answered just like all of you there praying are hoping too.

      4. Absolutely Ali you’re entirely always welcome! My heart and prayers are with you, you’re entire family and beautifully unique continent country which I always wanted to visit since a teen but just haven’t gotten around to yet. The devastation and sadness is too heartbreaking to me and I pray for God’s miracles to help all there to get through whatever He must allow. It’s just too much for me a mere simple man to bear in my mind and heart who is so far removed, so I can’t begin to fathom the pain so many are dealing with there in the crux of it. Again, God Bless You and Yours. Amen.
        Feel free to write directly anytime about anything if you wish.
        Love to you all in His glorious name Jesus Christ,

  3. Thanks for blessing our hearts with this! I join my faith with yours in praying for rains in your country. Wish I could lend you some of our rains. Lol. I’m pretty sure God will show up better than we’ve imagined. Lots of love, M,

  4. In due time the rains will come as God sees that time to be. In stark contrast most of us in Cornfield, USA are suffering with a huge over-abundance of rain. The fields are nothing more than swamps with very little harvesting happening. The combines sink easily. Keep faith that God will bring the rains.

  5. Thank you, Ali, for liking my recent post. I’m glad I could check out your blog through that notification I received. This one is a lovely read, and I hope to read more of your stuff. I worked as a journalist for a bit until a year ago when I quit to study at Bible college. I love writing too! Nice to meet similar people across the world. And yes, I like sampling herbal teas too. 🙂

      1. Btw, my updated blog is The one you followed doesn’t exist anymore. Sorry about that. I updated my profile now so the new one shows up on my comments, too. Hope it works!

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