1. Very good Ali and you do make total sense to me! I took about a 5 mile walk ending up at a cove areas overlooking the bay early this morning with my dog practically before anyone was awake, it being a Sunday they all wanting to be sleepy heads I suppose. I’m also starting to become increasingly aware that this whole thing may have been overly stated for Geo-Political purposes and other factors but like Dad always told us growing up, Time Will Tell. Let’s keep our faith strong and prayers going just as strong! The Truth will set us free. God bless you. Amen. 🙏 🌻

      1. Hello Ali! I’ve not slept much only a couple of hours as it turns out I had some things occupying me all day then into my sleep to contend with so here I am checking back to see what I was looking for to add some further thought to and I was surprised to see that this comment from you went unanswered! So, sorry about it and I just sent a long comment to your latest posting but now I have to see what pops into my head with this! OK, I see now I was explaining my perspective on the whole out of control pandemic lock-down approach and i do wonder how could an entire human race with the science and technology be so ill prepared or so foolish to go overboard with a strategy to curtail the potentiality of disaster so badly? One reason that stands out is not enough of this human race is holding dearly to Faith in Him, they are wayward and wandering in the night as the blind leading the blind that is how this happened and so the lions and wolves are having a field day now messing with everybody and adding more confusion to an already horrible situation; along with the fact that there are some very evil individuals at work in the world right now too! Prayer and faith in Jesus Christ is the key and only thing that will save us from this horrible mess! With Him we have nothing to fear and no matter how long or short our lives we will be saved! Amen. Thank you dear Ali. You have me trying even harder and you are an inspiration in my heart! God bless you! 😊🙏❤
        PS it just flashed into my mind tired as I am God helped me to remember what I was searching for! Somewhere back in the text messages between us I saw something about email or pen pal, which is what I wanted to find too, that is a great idea in my way of seeing it! It punctuates your 7 Steps!

  2. G’day there Ali! Thank you so much for the wonderful message of support and cheer! Yes, these are the things we can do and try our best to focus on moving forward as Holy Scriptures point out so often and aside from this truth it’s always far better than any alternative! Trust in the Lord and sometimes just let go and let God! You’re a fine lady and inspiration! God bless you today and forever! 🙏 🌻

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