How to live a rich, intentional life


It’s become a bit of a buzz word.

When you’re intentional you’re doing something on purpose.

You’re deliberate in your actions.

You’re not half-hearted. You’re thinking things through.

To live an intentional life is to carefully consider your actions and reactions.

To live with wisdom.

And we are all, to some degree, intentional.

Most of us think through the things we want to say yes or no to.

Most of us want our homes, or our clothes, or our hair to look a certain way – for a reason.

Those who practice gratitude are intentional about bringing positivity into our day.

And many of us know if you have half a chance of taking a morning run, you need to place your gear out the night before.

We’re intentional in so many ways, often seeking to make our lives better and our worlds richer.

Want to be even more intentional?

Here are some tips.

First, define your values. They might be along these lines:

  • A belief in God or an affiliation with a religious/ spiritual institution
  • A belief in being a good steward of resources
  • A belief that family is important
  • A belief in maintaining a healthy work/ life balance.

Once you define your core values, work out how these will translate to daily actions.

A belief in God will see you placing your Bible in an easy-to-reach place and making time to pray.

A belief in good stewardship will see you thinking through charities you can give to, or people you can help.

Family values will translate to you making real time for people you care about.

And belief in a healthy work/life balance will mean you leave the office at 5pm instead of 9pm.

How will you be intentional this week?

What will it look like to live a life aligned to your core values?

Feel free to share your values and plans here with me.


Ali x

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