A prayer for those days Flesh and Spirit are in a full-on war

Dear Lord,

I wish I could say with unbridled confidence the only eyes that mattered to me were yours.

Sure, it’s clear as day in my head.

But my flesh tells a different story.

My heart betrays what I know to be true.

My heart tells me other eyes hold more value.

More weight.

More meaning.

The flesh and the Spirit – they’re in a constant battle.

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” (Galatians 5:16)

Lord, I confess I’ve sought approval from sources other than you.

Sure, it’s human to do that.

And I’m only human.

But Lord, how I long to be less flesh and more Spirit.

How I long to have my eyes on you again.


Yet like a lover, you take my chin in your hand and draw me back.

And my eyes fall again on your loving gaze.

Instead of the fruit on the tree.

Lord, I wish yours was the only validation I sought.

Yes, I’m only human.

And in this broken humanity I seek other gods. 

Other box-tickers.

Other fawners.

Other parents.

But Lord, though I live in the flesh, I can choose a different path.

With your help.

This is the truth, planted deeply since my youth:

Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.


God Is Most Glorified in Us When We Are Most Satisfied in Him

Lord, one day I’ll get it right.

Not because I’ll work out how to follow the law.

But because you will make things right.

I can’t do it alone.

I am frail.

I am weak.

I am small.

But Lord, you are big.

And you are glorious.

And you humbled yourself enough to come down here.

As a man, like us.

And die.

For us.

And rise again.

To overcome.

For us.

And your glory.

Lord, you took the punishment we deserve for obeying the flesh blindly.

And you gave us new life in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lord, have mercy.

Thank you for mercy.

Thank you for grace.

Thank you for this new life.

Thank you for the Spirit, which helps me overcome the flesh.

Thank you,

And sorry,

And help me live better.

May yours be the only eyes I seek.

My audience of one.

My perfect Father.

My best friend.

My Lord.

Today, I renew my love.

Today I choose you again.

Hold me up, Lord, and hold me fast.

May I bring you glory.

Enjoy you more.

And live forever in your radiant, inescapable light.



  1. Very nice and I know we all are riddled with sin that is all around us because we are not in the absolute spirit but since the fall caught betwixt carnal flesh and everlasting spirit. They ate of that fruit they were commanded not to and would surely die and suffer. All true and inescapable and even what we do here in public is not setting anything straight or making life anew. Rather it is what we do in private completely alone and stripped naked before Him as only He knows our truest hearts and will judge each of us accordingly. We all seek approval and favor of the world which is our enemy and the place that the prince of darkness has his way with those who turn away from God or who are not strong enough in spirit to sustain the journey to our own personal cross and death. Meanwhile we would do better to shed the things of this world and truly follow Him, but, though we have heard this words and spoken them ourselves how many actually mean them and will do it? Practically none, and that is very telling about how messed up and ruined most humans are, especially in this world of turmoil and debauchery with human abortion full term and multitudes agree with it; they are doomed. It’s come full circle to human sacrifice again and we are all in a screwed world of hellish proportions! The actual END is NEAR!
    Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 10: 37-42
    “Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me;
    and whoever does not take up his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me.
    Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.
    Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me.
    Whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever receives a righteous man because he is righteous will receive a righteous man’s reward.
    And whoever gives only a cup of cold water to one of these little ones to drink because he is a disciple – amen, I say to you, he will surely not lose his reward.”

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