God is better than space food

I remember my first week of marriage.

We were 21, and it was the first time either of us had lived away from home.

As we unpacked the contents of our bedrooms into our seemingly massive two-bedroom unit, as well as all our wedding presents, it occurred to us that man could not live on bedspreads alone.

We needed a dustpan-and-brush, kitchen bin… washing-up liquid… and the list went on.

As we raced through the aisles of the grocery store, you’d think we were kids in a candy shop.

Because all we seemed to focus on was candy.

OK, slight exaggeration, but we still laugh today about the excitement my hubby felt about being able to buy things his parents had never stocked in the pantry. Like ‘Space Food Sticks’ and all manner of crisp delights, fizzy drink and sugary, tangy substances…

And yes, in all the joy we still remembered the dustpan-and-brush. But it was hardly front-of-mind.

There’s so much we took for granted before we moved out of home.

Dinner would be mostly provided without much effort on our part.

Things like rakes and lawnmowers were foreign objects.

And somehow, the washing would always end up clean and folded on our beds at the end of the week.

Sure, we wanted to move out and start a new life on our own, but doing things for ourselves for the very first time made us appreciate just what our families did for us.

I wonder how much I am taking for granted in my life right now…

I think sometimes it’s worth considering just how much we have, and who’s really picking up the tab.

Because when we consider the many ways we are truly being looked after, it can change our perspective…

Here’s a few to start with:

1. As an Australian, I am one of the wealthiest people in the world.

2. I have a roof over my head, electricity, fresh water, clean air around me, access to high-quality education, technology, and endless opportunities. I am blessed with good friends and family members that love me. I am not orphaned, nor ever completely alone.

3. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the one who created me. He died and rose to life, so that even if I didn’t have any of the things above, I’d still be blessed, because when I die I’ll return to him and live with him forever.

4. I was created with a purpose that isn’t just about this life, but has an impact on the next.

5. I am loved by God. Deeply. Despite everything.

I reckon that’s a few steps better than being able to stock your cupboard with Space Food Sticks, as fun as that grocery shop was!

I’m so thankful that no matter what happens, God is picking up the tab.

Yes, there are still earthly consequences for my less-than-wise decisions – but my Heavenly Father is graciously taking care of me – forever providing for me, teaching me, forgiving me, and guiding me to help me live a better life.

And he’ll never leave me or let me down.

I am grafted into his eternal, big-picture plan for the world, and a relationship with him has flow-on effects beyond what I could imagine.

He’s the best parent I could ever ask for, and he’s with me wherever I go, and in every life situation I face.

That’s more than I could ever ask for.


  1. Very cute being lovebirds and setting up their nest the way you and your husband did once upon a time when you were starting out! I like the idea that starting out we are all bound to make some poor decisions or even mistakes that we should have known better to avoid! I suppose we can call this all a learning curve that we’re on in essence to find our path and proper place in the scheme of things as you related it to the, “God’s big-picture plan for the world;” albeit while we are in a fallen state prone to sin! As I see things this world is fallen from the glory and absolute perfection of the Almighty although He is with us, and still as it stands is doomed which scriptures tell us there will be an end point even for this entire realm which is falling away. This world here which we participate in is ruled by crookedness and sin; which has as its chief architect using all the trickery he can muster to deceive is Satan’s playground, for a time. But in this regard I’m only responsible for my own actions and short term earthly life where what you mentioned precisely stated carries what you say in this passage; “Yes, there are still earthly consequences for my less-than-wise decisions – but my Heavenly Father is graciously taking care of me – forever providing for me, teaching me, forgiving me, and guiding me to help me live a better life.” What has to be most obvious to me is the part about “consequences,” and earthly ones abound, but it’s the “spiritual ones” that are most troubling because those are things that happen now and after our deaths that can be completely detrimental spiritual consequences; and thus spiritual death which is what we are challenged to resist here, and prevent at all costs; because to lose that battle means eternal damnation. I take this part as the most important lesson to bear in mind each day and until physical death, because to have such strikes against one’s immortal soul is something God isn’t there to relieve us of; what I’m talking about is intentional true transgression from God and defiling what is Holy and only good. Like oil and water they will never mix and become one nor should they! This is why God had Moses bring down the laws or Commandments from Mount Sinai. Of course Jesus said to us during His time here on earth that we will fall and make mistakes but too many in today’s modern world of designer religions and philosophies or none; too many try to bend the truth and required rules to fit their own imperfect corrupted nature or desires! Can’t be done and no way will Jesus be here to rescue anyone who goes down that road or path to perdition. We aren’t here to be happy-go-lucky about our mission here which is dead serious and painful, and requires our strenuous efforts to carry our crosses and follow the Lord doing our best to “imitate Him” or the example He provided to us by literally becoming one of us, a human being and a perfect child of God’s without fault or error. We can and do make plenty of mistakes but everyone should be mindful to differentiate mistakes from wayward disregard from doing our Father’s will, or risk a self-delusional outlook which can overcome any of us and can only lead to transgression or separation from Him while we are in the flesh, and more importantly eternally after this life on earth. We are on our own personal trials so that’s why people had better take every day seriously as far as the challenge to stay on the straight and narrow path and seek Him vigilantly only wanting to do His will in order to please Him not ourselves or anything in this world, be it governments, society, institutions or even a loved one; because that would be a fool’s errand. I can say without any doubt that if we are first seeking to please our Father in heaven; then all other challenges will be falling into place or at least be tolerable. I hope this is a helpful perspective and only inspires any of us to seek His will.
    Thank you for this reminder Ali!

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