Values = motivation

Personal motivation is elusive, don’t you think?

It comes and it goes, and isn’t dependent so much on circumstance than something deep within us. A desire to change – to make things different.

According to psychologist Kendra Cherry, the primary difference between the two types of motivation is that extrinsic motivation arises from outside of us, while intrinsic motivation comes from within.

Where does our desire to change come from? What inspires us to live by our values – our core beliefs if you will?

I do believe our values influence our actions.

Our values about relationships, work, lifestyle and spirituality will have an impact on the daily choices we make. Every action can be assessed as to whether it reflects our values, in a way. Do my daily choices reflect my beliefs? I would hope so.

Do I always measure up to my stated values? Certainly not.

Our lives are far from ideal, but our choices can start to reflect our ideals if we’re aware of what our values actually are. Here are mine, to get you thinking about your own. Feel free to share yours in the comments section.


* I believe God exists and we can have a personal relationship with him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He sent his son to die a painful death to pay the price our sins deserve. He proved he was God in human form by rising again, and he offers off eternal life, and a wonderful purpose in our current life. John 3:16 is a central verse for me, expressing my beliefs about what God has done for me and you. My love for God is core to my very being. It’s something I’ve known since I was small, and I can’t imagine how the world came about without his hand in creation and his perfect ordering of events. The world is broken by our sin, but he is not. He came to redeem and promise us life after death. True life that will far surpass this world and all its pain.

* I believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect. Every person has value, and something unique to offer, contribute, and teach the world.

* We’re not made to be alone. We are most happy and fulfilled when part of a supportive community and network of people who can help us through our ups and downs.

* I believe food should be enjoyed, but can be medicinal as well. Good food is fuel for life, and exercise puts us in a happier head space (I believe this in theory, but am a terrible exerciser).

* Children needs lots of love, nurturing and healthy boundaries from an early age. If the attachment isn’t strong they will seek to have their needs met outside the family.

* I love the many benefits of marriage! But I can’t stand the mindset that marriage-and-children is the only valid or fulfilling road.

* God loves us whether we ‘sit still’ or not – but I think he partly achieves his purposes for this world through us. This life is short, and God has a plan for each and every one of us – if only we’d answer his call…


  1. Hi Ali.
    Here are some of my values.

    – God is the One that created me
    – I was created to worship God
    – Prayer is powerful
    – Relationships are key to my growth as a person
    – The word of God is my guide
    – Leave women better off for knowing you
    – Be a blessing
    – Exercise is critical

    Great post Ali!


    1. Thanks heaps for sharing yours, Rolain. They’re awesome, and I agree! Our values tell others a lot about us don’t they? May we truly live by them as we share Christ with the world.

  2. As usual you’ve offered us a full and rich post, Ali. I’m short on time at the moment, but may be back later. God bless you and your family abundantly. love, caddo xxoo

  3. This is a great exercise! This reminds me of some practices I’ve been through at work where we had to brainstorm and determine what our company excelled in and then ways to make those things even better.

    1. Yes – I think there’s value (so to speak) in doing it! I really find it helpful to define what I believe, what is most important to me, etc.. And I can imagine it might make for a more productive workplace too. If people really believed them that is.

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