Have you seen Jesus?

I’ve been ‘seeing’ Jesus all my life – finding him in all kinds of ways.

But he isn’t just wishful thinking, or a product of my imagination.

He isn’t the ridiculous delusion some would claim him to be.

I first saw Jesus in the stories read to me from the Bible at home, and the talks at church every Sunday.

I saw him in the Sunday School choruses and the conversations at morning tea.

I saw him at night when I prayed, and in answers he gave me the next day. 

I saw Jesus when my heart was breaking and I needed someone to talk to.

I saw Jesus when I opened up the Gospels and learnt about the God-man who died for me and rose from the dead.

I see him still, in the thousands of ways he comes through for me every single day.

Though I’ve not seen him in the flesh, I love him. 

I’ve seen enough of him and his power to know he’s real.

I’m convinced, deep down, that he did walk this earth; that he did die and rise again; and that he’s coming back for me one day.

And while I continue living here, I seek my Saviour’s face throughout the mundane and the magnificent; the challenging and the wonderful; the heartbreaking and the triumphant.

Because fixing my eyes on Jesus gives me hope, joy, peace, and a way forward.

Finding a relationship with Jesus has been the best discovery I’ve made.

God, through his son Jesus, reminds me life is not about me – but him, and what he’s doing in the world.

Finding him has meant finding myself, and finding life.


  1. Awesome testimony!

    Sunday, November 11, 2007 at approximately 2am. But I also see Him everywhere I look. From the mighty oak to the smallest flower. Even where there seems to be only adversity and discourse. Jesus is there, gently calling. If only we would open the eyes of our hearts as you wrote above. Blessings! 🙂

    1. That was certainly a special day, Liz! And isn’t it amazing that he keeps revealing himself throughout our lives until we see him face to face? Can’t wait for that day!

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