‘The little things’ change lives

Her passion for cooking started with one aromatic meal, served up with love and a cheeky smile.

Image result for waitress serving

Her love for her husband was rekindled after one thoughtful note, slipped under the table at dinner.

Image result for love note

Her desire to truly live again was sparked by one story of survival in a country far more turbulent.

Image result for wartorn

Her week was improved by one pot of tea after a day of tears.

Image result for care package for elderly

Worlds changed when he watched one video on child trafficking and decided to do something about it.

Image result for child trafficking

His belief began when his car hit a pole and he prayed for the first time…

and God let him live.

Image result for car hit a pole

Moments in time. Simple gestures. Brief turning points. The little things – as well as the big things – can change lives.

What meal will you cook?

What note will you write?

What video will you share?

What story will you tell?

Forget about your big-picture legacy for a moment, and consider your daily legacy.

What impression will you leave your neighbour, or your co-worker, or your uni friend, or your spouse?

How do your actions show that you truly love God, and that his love lives in you?

It only takes a spark to get a fire going, just as it often only takes one gesture – one story – to change the world around you.


  1. I’ve been working on this lately…I just sent a letter this week to my BFF from high school. We drifted apart and I wanted her to know how much her friendship meant to me back then. It’s awkward being vulnerable but also very connecting…

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