How to use our smallness to shine God’s big light

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Gandalf says to his friend Frodo:

“All you must decide is how to use the time that is given to you.”

I often ask God what he wants me to do with the time allocated to me. The short life he’s given me.

In my mind, it’s as if there will be “one glorious thing” he wants me to do with my life.

But I know, deep down, that there is not one, but probably many significant little things I can do with my days which may not appear very glorious at all.


I’m about to embark on a mission trip with my family and 20+ other people to a Christian orphanage in India.

I’m scared that what I have to offer, in my weakness and timidity, won’t be enough to make a difference.

But then, I remind myself it’s not about me – but rather, what God is doing, one little bit at a time.

And each one of us on the team, as we show love and compassion to the kids there, simply serve as small ‘pointers’ to him, and what he’s already done through Jesus Christ.

You can make a difference. I can make a difference. One small droplet at a time.

We can reflect God’s glory in the world as his broken vessels.

We don’t have to try and be perfect to shine a light on his greatness.

After all, it’s the most unlikely people that glorify him best.

Leonard Cohen famously sang:

“Ring the bells (ring the bells) that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything (there is a crack in everything)
That’s how the light gets in.”

How will you shine God’s big light today, small one?


  1. Amen!!! I shine his big light by encouraging others and telling my lost friends about his soon coming! Also through my inspirational quotes and poems! And art also lol! God bless you and the team as you guys go forth and shine his light to all those in India and bring them out of darkness in Jesus Name! Amen! Much love and blessings to you! Xxoo 🙏💯💞

  2. Lifting up you and your fellow workers in Christ for a safe trip and to be a blessing to those to whom you minister.

    ~~ “I’m scared that what I have to offer, in my weakness and timidity, won’t be enough to make a difference.” ~~ I struggle with that quite often. Perhaps way too much. Relax. You DO make a difference more than you realise. As the old saying goes… Just go with the flow. God will guide you. All you need to do is trust Him.

  3. Very good. I’ve been invited to join a group going to build a house in South Africa- but avoid simple maintenance on my own house.
    Perhaps I have something to offer, or maybe I’m better doing the everyday stuff back at home.
    I love mission work, but no I’m useless at building projects.
    Is Leonard Cohen a Christian?
    Have a great trip. I’m sure you’ll bless many.

    1. Sometimes helping others with their needs is easier! I’m sure you do! Well done on taking this courageous and generous step. May God give you the strength and skills you need.
      I’m not sure, not that I know of.
      Thank you 💝

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