VIDEO: How to connect with God when you’re feeling distant

As Christians, most of us have been through seasons of doubt, questioning, and feeling distant from God.

During these times, we might find ourselves questioning his goodness, or even his existence.

If you’re struggling to ‘make the connection’, this video might help remind you it’s OK to express your doubt and struggle to God, and pour out your emotions before him.

He encourages us to “pray from the rubble” of our lives, even though we may not feel like it.

I recorded this six-minute clip as part of a series I’m presenting for Christian YouTube channel TLDTV.

Thank you for watching, and God bless!

– Ali


  1. Very nice video topic! For everything there is a season. I am still in my season of drought. I am slowly emerging from it as I once again pray from those low points. I think God refines His children like a precious metal or gem stones whilst in such a season. Hey, it takes millions of years to form a diamond. I just hope it will not take quite as long to refine me! Blessings, Ali!

  2. I really appreacited​ your personal reflection, I find them so much easier to relate to. Thank you! Also, I enjoyed the video, it’s a much more interesting way to convey your message! I would love it if you could read some of my Christian blog too –

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