VIDEO: How to do ‘self-care’ well in a crazy-busy world

What does ‘self-care’ mean to you? 

In my short, six-minute vlog below, I unpack health, wellness, and ’emotional hygiene’ – and chat about how we can set ourselves up to live a good life by doing self-care well.

I discuss:

  • How we can manage the range of feelings that come our way every day;
  • Some practical ways we can treat ourselves with kindness;
  • How we can give value to our ‘yes’ by saying ‘no’ more often; and
  • How we can take back control of our schedule and plan for a much healthier life. Enjoy! Ali

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  1. Thank you, dear Ali, for helping us with self care. And helping us not feel guilty that we need to do it. :). God bless you! I love these videos . . .you are awesome!

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